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Images Of Nature - Poem by Tony Pitman


Soaring high on wings golden brown;
Breast snow white, reflecting light;
Swooping silently in motion;
Taking prey whilst still in flight;

Not just one but many;
Gliding at different heights;
Stacked like planes awaiting landing;
Brahminy Kites fill the sky.

Some land in Palm Trees high,
Branches bow from bird's size.
She sits and sways with the motion;
Eagle eye watching all around her.

Crow flies in, sits beside her,
With a stare to frighten off.
Kite stays put, like queen on throne;
Crow no threat to this great bird;

Could easily knock him off his perch.
Crow gives up and squawks away;
Tried his best, to no avail.
Kite continues at her rest;
Swaying on her Palm Tree bed.

Time has come to take to air;
Just two wing flaps, off she soars.
Spreads her wind sail wings full space,
Warm air currents lift her with grace.

No words of mine can explain the scene;
Feel with heart, don't think with brain.
Called, "Bird of good omen" before Christ was born,
"Lucky faced one who loves the sky".


Black shapes flying all around;
Croaking, croaking tuneless song.
Soaring with ease and flare;
The Crows have taken to the air.

Not much loved the world over;
Blamed for damage and plunder.
They survive shotgun and snare;
If you look you'll find them everywhere.

What is the secret of their success,
That makes them immune to harassment?
They look out for one another;
Their colonies are always together.

Asian Koel knows their worth;
Lays her eggs in Crows nest berth.
Even Koel chicks come out black,
So foster mother doesn't chuck them out.

Can man be taught by Crow's example,
To love, live and earn in harmony.
Or are we too proud to learn from a bird;
An ugly black one whose song is absurd.


Every colour grown in the sun;
Every shape of leaf and petal;
Every arrangement man can make;
Every inch of space they take;
Every vender eager to sell;
Every tourist waiting to see;
Flowers in Panjim's market.

Flowers not from abroad;
Flowers from dry paddy fields;
Flowers grown in fertile soil;
Flowers strung as neck garlands;
Flower heads to make displays;
Flowers that are short for vase;
Flowers long and elegant;
Flowers sent for St Valentine;
Flowers piled upon each other;
Flowers for adornment of people.

People busy everywhere;
People stood in wonder;
People squatting on their stalls;
People sowing with big needles;
People calling, "Buy from me";
People carrying big bungles;
People choosing for loved ones.

Every flower and people all,
Part of God's creation.


Water runs, then turns back,
Depositing sand in its track;
Tide line advances then retreats;
The sea is ebbing in timeless beat.

Three little birds stand on the edge;
Sandpiper, reflection and shadow;
Watching carefully as sea rolls out,
For tasty morsels gifted there.

Tries to judge depth of water,
To keep feathers dry, able to fly.
Legs like sticks with great power;
Motors at speed, blur to the eye.

Hops over ripples, waits with patience,
As sea deposits its treasure.
Nips in quick and grabs it up,
Before soft sand gives shelter.

Knows to run into the wind;
Table line longer for tuck in.
Stands and waits as walkers pass,
Oblivious to Sandpipers task.

Little fellow's not perturbed,
They're only here short term.

Palm trees.

Thin as sticks reaching for the sky;
Feathery leaves, stretching out far,
Spread from the top like a crown,
Coconuts bunching all around.

Bent by winds at Monsoon time,
Still shoot upwards on their climb;
Dropping branches on their ascent,
Used for poor man's sleeping tent.

Always found in groups together,
Swaying in harmony, giant feathers.
Home for Squirrel, roosting Crows;
Perch for Kite and other birds.

Woodpecker's love to beat a tune,
Enticing out grubs and worms.
This slim giant, growing tall,
Is refuge and home for all.

Nuts which fall like a bomb,
Hit the ground, car, anyone;
Harvested by climbing man,
Just using tied feet and hands.

Coconuts, the fruit of the tree,
A hard nut to crack but nourishing;
Fresh milk, tasty to drink;
Flesh to make a thousand sweets.

A tree seen on many postcards;
Symbol of barmy beach paradise.
Bending over to shade from sun,
The Palm tree, good omen for everyone.


Big white bird flies in to land,
Neck and legs tucked in for flight;
Turns wings into breeze and glides;
Lands lightly, no hop or slide.

Neck shoots out, full extent;
Body slim and erect.
Bird all white wings in flight,
Stretched white duck when alight.

Takes slow, delicate strides,
Searching for grubs in their hide,
Or stands perfectly calm,
Waiting for food to pass by.

Often seen in groups together,
Herding cattle, shepherding hogs.
Tuffs pulled, soil disturbed,
Reveals treasures for the bird.

Evening roosting, time to discover,
Snow white blossoms filling bushes.
Egrets resting for the night,
By water hole till sunrise.

Flower power.

Little Daisies in the lawn
Staying small when grass shorn;
Clever, surviving man's assault,
Flowers for chain, costing nowt.

Dandelions drilling deep roots,
No tool invented to lift them out,
Ensuring little bits remain
For one o'clock in time's domain.

Buttercups waving from fields;
Enticing, yellow shining beams:
"Come over and lick my head,
Send you home to wet the bed".

Poppy seeds buried deep,
Patiently waiting to germinate.
Disturb the ground, up they pop;
Display a while, more seeds to drop.

Dog Daisies on motorway banks,
Rosebay Willow Herbs swelling their ranks.
Corydalis from seed on the winds,
Shepherd's Purse, gift of the Robins.

No need to spend fortune on flowers,
Nature provides glorious bowers.
Force open your eyes to a derelict site,
See flower power for the heart's delight.

A View.

Glaciers carved out the scene,
As they bulldozed down in a stream;
Glens and islands left in their wake;
All from compressed snowflakes.

What delicate touches their force left;
Great might and strength they possessed;
Producing such beauty as they melted away,
A living picture for eyes to survey.

Mountain ridges for clouds to hang on.
Lochs to let sea treasure wash in.
Highlands and islands too many to count,
Teaming with life that's colonised.

Not a picture to view just once,
Even a blink is a vision gone.
Light, shade and colour on the move;
Nature displaying all her plumage.

Cumulus wool rolling across the sky,
Obscuring peaks from the eye;
Casting shadows across Loch waters,
Producing dance as winds alter.

The scene's prolonged by Northern light,
Waking Eastern bright with the dawn;
Western glow dusk ends a day,
For the heart to ponder in its own way.

Nest box.

Nest box in spreading ivy hangs,
Waiting guests to pay their rent.
For years it's been in this spot;
Never chosen by passing Tit.

At last, a welcome sign,
Head bobbing in and out of hole.
Tiny Blue Tit on peg to perch,
Feeding her first brood of chicks.

Squeaking noises from inside;
Gaping beaks waiting to dine;
Hard work for parent Tits;
Multitude of mouths to satisfy.

Early feeding brings problems,
Morsels scarce in the garden.
Aphids yet to make appearance,
Main source of Tit's nutrition.

Will this be first time and last,
Tits make home in nest box?
Perhaps they'll come back now every spring'
A reminder that's when life begins.


Clouds drifting aimlessly;
Backdropp of blue to eternity.
Little islands of cotton wool,
Or strands connecting horizons up.

Clouds raging, black to threaten,
Causing flashes, clashing with thunder;
Emptying hail and water in torrents,
Cats and dogs raining metaphoric.

Clouds dense, low and still,
Clinging dewdrops from nose and chin.
Ceiling low and heavy hanging;
Ton on back, feet a dragging.

Clouds resting round mountain sides,
Ring the top, not to slide;
Gathering energy for the trip;
Wind gathers up and off they flip.

Clouds gone, disappeared,
Over the sea, sucking water in.
Sun free to wander the sky,
No clouds to jump, nowhere to hide.

Clouds asleep in western sky,
Cushioning sun, going down to lie.
Canvas of colours from red to gold;
Breathtaking display for the eye to behold.

The Wind.

Strong and fierce or gentle breeze,
The wind has many faces.
Turning windmills, pushing yachts,
Flattening harvests, causing havoc.

But far more than a physical force,
For man's use or to destroy,
The wind can stimulate the senses,
More than any other power existing.

The wind's touch stirs the memory,
Causing the most evocative feelings.
Just caressing the skin, lifting the hair,
Brings childhood sensations everywhere.

Why this power of the wind?
Is it an angel flapping wings?
God gently blowing to calm,
A reminder all are in his arms?

When life stagnates with spirits glum,
The wind can move us from the doldrums.
Like mariners trapped on still waters,
We're blown along to safe harbours.


Lines of flowers stretch down the road,
Bobbing heads with yellow faces;
Turned outwards to watch the traffic;
Visiting for a few weeks annually.

What do they think as we pass by;
Driving somewhere in our cars?
Do they remember last year's scene?
Is it the same annually?

Do they whisper to one another?
"There's that bloke we saw last year."
"Are you sure he looks much older? "
But they only see us annually.

Annually the Daffs appear,
Proudly proclaiming, "spring is here".
Their yellow heads lift the heart,
Bright as sunshine in a clear sky.

Not the Daffs of Wordsworth's time,
Short and stumpy, no higher than grass,
Man has made them have long stalks,
To be cut and placed in a vase.

We've planted them in road verges,
To give us colour on our journeys.
Put them in plant pots on patios,
On window ledges near plugholes.
Harvested them when still in bud,
Tied in bundles in a water butt.

Our yellow friends don't seem to bother,
No action of ours can stop their cycle.
Soon they'll go back to their slumber,
Preparing to come again annually.


White petal halo spreading round,
Golden yellow centre like a crown;
Set on stalks, straight of bent;
Flat leafed plant or is it a weed?

Daises flowering all through summer;
Shade or sun makes no difference.
Perennial native makes its home,
Spreads by root or seeds thrown.

A flower we take for granted,
Not protected as endangered species;
Carpets of them everywhere,
Giving pleasure to the eye.

Strange treatment of this flower;
Engineered to meet man's needs;
Given posh name to sell in pots;
Natural form is thrown away.

Little daisy takes it in his stride,
Growing in lawns and at road side;
Can adapt itself to all conditions;
Flowers tall, or low when lawn is mowed.


Dandelions growing in the lawn,
Can't shift them no matter what I try.
Roots that burrow deep, deep down;
Pull at them, leave some behind.

No weed killer can make them go;
Always go brown, pretend to be dead;
Turn my back and look away,
Green leafs appearing once again.

I'll give up and leave them be,
They're in tune with Nature's harmony,
As much right to air as the grass,
Perhaps I should learn to love them.

Autumn leafs.

Thin gold shapes in the air,
Dancing to earth with flair.
Crinkly edges rustling on ground,
Blow together forming mounds.

The trees are shedding their cover,
Getting ready for winter slumber.
Finished the work of energy conversion,
Find place to rot the soil replenish.

The leafs have given final display,
Changing colour in autumnal way.
Green to red or golden brown,
Giving tree a glorious crown.

Trees stand proud in their finery,
Nodding heads setting foliage free.
Off they fly, no backward glance,
Their genes remaining for spring romance.

Flower power.

Little Daisies in the lawn
Staying small when grass shorn;
Clever, surviving man's assault,
Flowers for chain, costing nowt.

Dandelions drilling deep roots,
No tool invented to lift them out,
Ensuring little bits remain
For one o'clock in time's domain.

Buttercups waving from fields;
Enticing, yellow shining beams:
"Come over and lick my head,
Send you home to wet the bed".

Poppy seeds buried deep,
Patiently waiting to germinate.
Disturb the ground, up they pop;
Display a while, more seeds to drop.

Dog Daisies on motorway banks,
Rosebay Willow Herbs swelling their ranks.
Corydalis from seed on the winds,
Shepherd's Purse, gift of the Robins.

No need to spend fortune on flowers,
Nature provides glorious bowers.
Force open your eyes to a derelict site,
See flower power for the heart's delight.

Flying Spirits.

White, cream and orange tint;
Little blue ones, grey underneath.
Fluttering with no apparent pattern,
Alighting to feed on flower nectar.

Soaking in sun's golden rays,
Recharge battery for energy.
No concern for fuel pump prices,
Oil speculation not a priority.

Soars off to great height,
Soon disappears out of sight.
Returns with his mate,
To start dancing display.

Spiralling up and down;
Twisting, turning in unison.
Fly close but not to touch,
Teasing, testing the other's trust.

Delightful creatures residing with us;
Hard to believe they come from a grub.
Slimy and ugly, to the eye unsightly,
Producing these beautiful Butterflies.

Often thought to carry the spirit
Of loved ones no longer with us.
Appearing at times of stress,
A reminder that we're all blessed.


Tangled thread round the face,
Fine as silk or thick as lace.
Spun by spider, different heights,
Trap for fliers passing by.

"Not you again spoiling my net."
"Can't you go by other path? "
"Back to work on a repair,
Just settled on corner chair."

Webs of every size and shape,
Vertical or horizontal plane.
Connected by alarm cord,
Rings a bell when prey caught.

Fine gauze of delicate weave,
Jewelled with dew drops or rain.
Necklace spanning tree branches,
Trap of death awaiting chancers.


Turn the corner, go under the bridge,
Scene opens up to lift the soul.
Horizon only limited by vision's strength,
Sense of space and space, God's essence.

Canal meanders along its way,
Now only conveying tourists on holiday.
Narrow boats hired for the week,
Chugging along a mooring to seek.

Towpath route for bike and foot;
Easy passage with no gradients.
People are friendlier in this place,
Relaxed and comfortable, away from rat race.

Huge white birds drifting along;
Mated for life, grey offspring behind.
Patrol their territory with elegant grace;
Look with distain at dogs that race.

Blue flash at periphery of sight,
Disappears in bushes before identified.
Takes off in flight as approached;
Kingfisher guide leading the way.

Dive-bomber swoops then soars aloft;
Banks on climb for another sortie.
Twists and turns in its aerobatics;
Swallow showing off to passing admirers.

Signs are appearing of summer's end;
Leafs changing colour, dropping to ground.
Time for signets to spread their wings;
Swallows gaining weight for long journeys.

Not to despair at fading light;
Soon time for sleep through winter's nights.
Strength to replenish, extinguish fears;
All will come good when spring reappears.

Just a leaf.

Golden shower floating to earth;
Billowed by breeze making a twirl.
Fall in heaps light and airy;
Crunch together forming path for fairies.

Trees shaking free final dressings;
Time to rest from summer glory.
Season greens, emerald or pale;
Gilded golden before set to sail.

Walk under tree into raining leafs,
Tickling face and clinging to beard.
Feet disappearing in golden mound,
Disturbing leaf's rest as they settle down.

Apple tree almost completely bare;
Isolated fruits still hanging there.
Tree determined with baubles high,
Be first sign that Yule Time's nigh.

Invigorating perfume this time of year;
Champaign air to fill the lungs.
Farewell gift from leafs set free,
Those purifiers of air so we can breath.

Dancing light.

Dancing light on wave tops;
Flickering, glittering, never stops.
Thousands of mirrors matching the sun;
Never twice the same reflection.

Ocean expanding to the edge;
Endless reflectors stretch and stretch.
Signalling in some secret code;
Maybe to aliens in another world.

Mirrors dropped from outer space,
Relaying messages about human race.
Reports on wars and genocide;
Of heroes and heroines who improved life.

Fastest way to convey this mission;
Speed of light is the transmission.
Even at such a rapid rate,
Aliens just receiving news of ice age.

Sand holes.

Drill holes in sand like poker dots;
Left behind by ebbing tide.
Air holes for living creatures,
But what could fit this aperture?

Piece of fluff blows over sand;
Plugs hole then disappears down.
Has something sucked it in?
Perhaps to build nest for suckling.

Stand still and wait awhile,
See more fluff sucked down hole.
It can't be stuff coming off the sea;
It'd be too wet to blow so free.

Bend down for closer look;
Be patient don't rush things.
Then the dawning of what's afoot;
Bonsai crabs wearing hairy skirts.

Little Sparrow.

Little Sparrow, crumbs he seeks;
Hopping in and out of tourist's feet.
Just a morsel is all he needs;
Risking life for tit-bit feed.

This his patch for the season;
Booked this shack after permit seeking.
Takes his fill before he goes,
To family raise in the north.

Little Sparrow looks so frail;
Slim and sleek with long tail.
Adjusted to this alien world;
Off man's excess he has his fill.

Not his choice of habitat;
Fields and trees primary spot.
Needs must be so here he comes,
Bird-eye watching for any crumbs.


Trillions and trillions of grains of sand,
Twix ocean and rock, the start of land.
Hard and ripply as tide recedes;
Then soft and fluffy, sink to the knees.

Sand for mixes to make concrete;
Sand for glass sold by the sheet;
Sand for play with buckets and spades;
Sand to time boiled eggs just laid.

Yellow sand with Minor's touch,
Turned to gold grains worth so much.
Castle turrets with water moats;
A material of priceless worth.

Sand for dunes and camel trails;
Sand to surround desert mirage;
Sand to reflect sun's burning rays;
Sand to fuel storms that rage.

Gritty sand sharp as diamonds;
Splintered stone and river sediment.
Heat retention, burning feet;
Dig deep enough reach Ausy State.

Sand so free and plentiful;
Beaches and beaches full of the stuff.
The further you move from the shore,
The cost of a bag rises more and more.

Early Daf.

Daf. finger pointing at sky;
Appearing early in December time.
Pushing prior to frost's appearance;
Green and firm like tip of spear.

Not just one but family group;
Naturalised over many years.
Bulbs not disturbed or moved;
Give glorious display every spring.

Next flowering there'll be difference;
My departure before buds open;
Left to start life in different place;
He'll not see me with his yellow face.

It'll not be my mower's grass cut;
Spraying his head with chaff and muck.
Not my shears trimming the edge;
Raising anxiety of chopped off head.

Will he notice that I have gone?
Perhaps we all look the same to him.
We're just people passing by;
Full of ego; what self pride.

He'll go on doing his thing;
Sleep in winter, flower in spring.
He's only aware of nature's rhythm;
Not distracted by dubious decisions.

The Loch.

Raindropp prism moving on the wind,
Refracting light for colour spectrum.
Rainbow travelling down the Loch;
Caressing water and bracken brown hilltops.

Comes to a stop to illuminate a spot;
Stage lighting beyond compare.
While it waits, perhaps to rest,
Another appears behind, as if in silhouette.

A magic switch in the sky is thrown;
The coloured lights are extinguished.
The clouds open to change the scene;
Dancing shadows replace the beams.

An angel delicately lifts the prism,
Moving it back to its origin.
A pot of gold is left behind;
The rainbow will return in time.

Now white horses racing on black turf;
The wind has changed the millpond into surf.
The Loch's displaying another facet,
Of the many from its repertoire.

Gulls gliding on air currents;
Shag's wings stroking horse's backs.
Boats bobbing, just pieces of cork;
Quarry ferry chugging men to work.

Things to wonder, lakes linked to oceans;
Tides ebbing and rising at moon's push and pull.
Waterways carved by glacial action;
Arrogant man thinks he's master now.

Calm descends to the Loch once more;
Low cotton wool ceiling is put in place.
Clouds hung on invisible chains,
Draped down hillsides, heavy with rain.

The view.

What a view right down to the sea,
Over land and trees sustaining life.
Fenced off in patches for farmer's work;
Barns and houses for shelter to give.

Lambs curiously inspecting their patch,
Looking for gaps to give way out.
Big wide world out there somewhere;
Time to discover how much we can share.

Sheep and swans gathered together;
Grazing or resting as if brothers.
Sheep are at home, this is their place;
Swans are visiting on their way.

On the calm sea ships at anchor,
Waiting for high tide to take them to port.
Cargo and people from distant shores;
To land at Heysham then on by road.

Along the horizon Lakeland peaks;
Uneven shapes against the sky;
Snow topped and craggy they rise and fall;
Clouds vying to be in picture as they drift by.

A view not to be complacent with;
Light and shade change it every day.
A living scene to give pleasures;
Nature kindly sharing her treasures.

White lines.

White lines mark out the field;
Painted with whitewash, so it seems.
Flash in the sunlight, glow at dusk; ;
Giant football pitches, a World Cup match.

Narrow ski runs for spring fun;
Imported from the Alps, Steve's home.
Planks and boards people ride.
Another gift from the countryside?

Trails for Fairies to skip and run;
Child's imagination set free to roam;
Stainless and pure as the lines;
Untainted by life's searching times.

Heavy perfume fills the air;
Carried on breeze over fields.
Carefully touch, beware of thorns;
Hawthorn edges with glorious crowns.


Pebbles piled high on the shore;
Some imported, others at home.

Pebbles resting in warmth of sun;
Dry from tide, ebbed on the run

Pebbles of every colour and form;
Millions and millions in rippled mounds.

Pebbles to throw with arm that's strong;
Skim on water, bounce along.

Pebbles to last a thousand eons;
Grinding together, making sand to play on.

Pebbles to crunch under foot;
Walk with care or ankle bust.

Pebbles to form coastal defence;
Breaking waves on the attack.

Pebbles ignored by passers by;
They'll still be here long after our time.


Hundreds of swifts in the sky;
Swooping, soaring, flying high.
Pointed wings outstretched to glide,
Then tucked in for downward ride.

Feeding on insects disturbed by rain;
Drawn from leafs to become the prey.
Hovering in unruly mass;
Easy crop for this bird of class.

Suddenly they all disappear;
Moved on to another place.
Is there a scout surveying the scene?
Call to leader for flight path change.

Easy to envy this bird of grace;
Free to use its flight and pace.
All that space to roam and play;
Not tied down by man's rat race.

Pylon wires

Pylon wires seem thick today;
Lumpy and hairy in their girth.
Is it the light that deceives the eye?
Viewed from distance along roadside.

Approaching near the view is clearer;
Not black growth on the wires;
Thousands of Starlings in rows.
Crowded together shoulder to shoulder;

Lofty perch to avoid feet in mire;
On a journey, resting awhile.
Which way are they going, north or south;
Perhaps back to Russia for spring cavorting.

Silver Birch

Silver Birch sat in the corner;
Bare but elegant against open sky.
Delicate fingers radiate from branches
Hands droop gracefully silently weeping.
Knobbly trunk of pure silver,
Set against green of field behind.
Branches sprouting haphazardly,
From base to apex without man's design.


Crunch, crunch, crunching;
Frozen twigs and frosty ground;
Along the path through the wood;
Brambles still waiting a chance to grab.

Mist moisture seeping down trees;
At branch ends, frozen beads.
Dewdropp icicles suspended in space;
Petrified crystal with prism face.

The wood a place of wonderment;
Trees towering with bare elegance.
Branches spreading everywhere;
Forming shapes too complex to share.

Having difficulty speaking of this wood;
Words fail me, being inadequate.
Not for description, justice could not be done;
Need personal experience to be understood.

Fir tree

Pyramid nest box on the lawn;
Swaying in wind, still in calm;
Home to many species of birds;
Doors and windows at every turn;
Camouflage place for birds to hide;
Evergreen Fir tree standing proud.


Butterfly dancing through little orchard;
Bonsai Swallow with flying skills;
Twisting, turning, sails fast beating;
Nectar seeking on sun blessed wings.

Kiss of the maker

Healing, soothing, comfort giving;
Stroking, caressing, always forgiving;
Source of life to all creation;
Sun's in its heaven, the kiss of our Maker.


Flakes of pink tinged snow drifting down;
Twisting, twirling in a cloud.
Blown by sea wind arriving off shore;
Gathering in delicate mounds to lie on floor.

Shapes and patterns in sun and shade;
Geometric forms; what template as aid?
Huddled together for last embrace,
Before puffing breeze dispatches to space.

Wafer thin, delicate to touch;
Stick to finger; on shoe form crust.
Enter flat through tiny gaps;
Say, "Hallo" to wrinkly chap.

Blossoms have completed spring's task;
Lifetime of glory in just weeks now passed.
Attracted pollinators to complete the work;
Setting the fruits for summer time growth.


Hazy blue mist lying on ground;
Bluebell carpets been laid down.

Delicate blossoms of pink and white;
Cherry trees bursting to glorious life.

Sun now rising high in it's sky;
Late evening before on sea it lies.

Bird's song clearer, more in tune;
Nest sites seeking to raise a brood.

First Martins and Swallows patrolling sky;
Advance party, soon more will arrive.

Last of lambs have fled the field;
Muck spread and rolled, cows to appear.


Summer visitors have appeared;
Vivid marked Goldfinches in a tree.
Normally seen together in pairs;
Strangely there's three, a branch to share.

Not for long this odd number last;
Scrap breaks out for cock dominance.
Soon battle settled, one flies off;
A pair remaining, did hen make the choice?

Garden pond has become a new home,
Two ducks enjoying swim and a roam.
Are they resting before onward trip?
Energy building from families bread bits.

Tame or wild, as their want;
Best of both worlds in this pond.
Relishing the comfort as new found pets;
Free to fly off to next rest spot.

Sparrow scrap

Screeching, scrapping, chasing around,
Sparrows fighting for the crown.
Settling pairings for spring's approach;
Young buck's challenge for cock of the north.

Wrinkles still standing their ground;
No desire for expulsion from flock.
Nature's way, the strong will survive;
Young for old the species to thrive.

No Bird Commission to determine fate;
Sell home or insurance take.
No sitting drugged in time-warped rows;
Better on back, turned up toes.


Orchestra was in town today;
Dressed in their finery, tails and all.
All done up in stiff white shirts;
Necks held ridged in collars starched.

Sorting out their seats and places.
Wind section here, stings over there.
Soon the audience will be assembled,
Here to witness last night at the proms.

Players settle and compose themselves;
Calming nerves and filling lungs.
Performance strains under control.
Then without warning, Great Tits fly away.

Night flight

The night is still, mist hangs low;
Orange glow of street lamp subdued.
Birds silent, sheltering somewhere.
Dog in the distance howls to the night.
Squeaking wing sound from above,
Heralds Swans flying passed nearby.
Search the sky but too dark to see their form.
Where are they going in such bad visibility?
If they are migrating what guides their way?
Darkness and mist obscures the ground;
Cloud cover hides moon and stars.
What means do they use to navigate?
Some built in compass moved by magnetic waves?


Neighbourhood Robin visited today;
Interested to know, what goes on?
Who's this old wrinkly working my patch?
I'll hang about and see what digs up.

Jenny Wren flitters about; little mouse with wings.
Quick dash from bush to bush, then disappears;
Pretending she's invisible to the human eye,
But her rapid movements give her away.

Robin really thinks he owns the patch;
Chases Tits and Finches come for a scratch,
But no affect on Genie Wren;
Still flitting about without a care.

Season change.

Winter's arrived early this year,
Snow and frost, temperature zero.
Coughs and sneezes at every turn;
Humans adjusting to bleak season.

Trees stripped bare of summer dressing,
Opening views to far horizon,
Elegant forms of delicate shapes,
Decorating landscape in nature's way.

Calls of birds on the wing,
Flocks in lines migrating.
Flying north or to warmer south,
Inbuilt compass guiding their path.

Air that's crisp and fresh,
Fills the lungs, swells the breast.
Vision unimpeded, crystal clear;
Mind can't absorb all that's here.


Once upon a summer's day;
Yellow Marigolds came out to play.
Full bobbing heads, petal filled;
French variety, visiting still.

Crowded together for company;
Holding hands and having a chat.
Smiling at folks passing by;
Proud of their form, lifting their hats.


Martins filling the air;
Playing, feeding, testing their skills?
Zigzag paths but never collide;
Silent in flight, shadowy forms.

Flapping wings to gain height;
Diving and ducking on wings spread.
Perfectly aerodynamic, nature's design;
Efficient and graceful at the same time.

Martins at rest having a chat;
On telephone wires they're sat.
Nodding and calling to their mates;
Squabbling ‘Sparrow wrangles' not their way.

Visitors from south of equator;
Residing with us for the summer.
Breading and rearing the next generation.
Why such a long trip? The question.

Star Racer.

Staining for air to reach the sky;
Shoots of green springing to life.
Seedpods swelling with their loads,
Preparing to open for winds off shore.

Star Racer coming to life;
Favourite grass on my site.
So slender and elegant in its shape;
In another life, a dancer had been.

Starved of adequate water and light,
Still produces wonderful sight.
Adversity cowering lesser species,
Not to conquer a determined spirit.


Blue bulbs spread over the trees;
Decorations of late summer scene.
Babbles strategically placed;
In groups or singularly spaced.

Summer fruits for taste bud delights;
For pots of jam or fruit salads.
Damsons ready for harvesting;
So many, an excess of family needs.


Expressions to describe the glory of a rose?
No words exist to do it justice.
Colour and shape hard to express;
Fragrance quintessence beyond explanation.

Evocative flower with such power;
Symbol of romance and gory wars.
English rose proudly proclaimed;
Flower found throughout the world.

Late bloomer standing out,
Refuses to believe summer's over.
Proud and elegant in its form,
No need for bower company.

Self assured it boldly proclaims,
Confident in its individuality.
Still gives its colour to the scene,
Its brother's petals strewing the floor.

What lies at the core of such belief?
Unabashed by its lonely stance.
No want for fellow confirmation,
To follow the rest is not its thing.

Morning glory.

Pink tinted puffballs in the sky
Angels awakening where they lie
Rising sun makes them glow
Look quickly or miss the show

So much of nature's beauty to see
If eyes are used as they should be
Especially the sky displays so much
Lift burdened head and look up

See the glory we've been gifted
Let the heart feel uplifted
Move the mind from the unimportant
Be aware of every moment

Evocative image

Evocative image of March dusk
Looking west towards setting sun
Sky light giving bright background
For images of bare tree forms

Oh for the skill to paint this scene
Captured digitally on microchip
Painting could convey the feelings
Triggered by such atmosphere

Mystic mist

Mystic mist above the ground
Clothing trees with woolly gowns
What secrets do you hide?
What apparitions will arise?

Eerie cloud fallen to earth
Tinged at edges with pink girth
Heavy raindrops sat at rest?
No, it's angels on a fag break

Signs of spring

Early March and spring's awakening
Flowering shrubs show sproutings
Heralding colour to burst forth
To greet arrival of swallows

Gloom of winter lifting
New life of spring awaiting
Lambs already prancing about
Soon warmth will lift the spirits


Hair swept flat and sleeked back
Jet black with shinning lights
Core held high, posture straight
Haughty look with piecing eyes

Stands so proud looking round
Imposing figure with this stance
Occasionally moves to new position
Assessing surroundings within vision

Maybe a planner on a survey
Maybe under covered man on a mission
Then a giveaway, bright yellow beak
Blackbird seeking nest site for mate

Rare visitor

White fluff bundle caught in branches
Stray sheep wool rolled in ball shape
Standing out as bare tree dressing
Decoration prior leafs sprouting

Closer look brings surprise
Scarce Snowy Owl, daylight hunting
Adult male almost entirely white
With delicate sparse brown flecking

Rare visitor this far south
Normally found in Scottish highlands
Must have heard of our rabbit family
Waits for dinner to feed his appetite


Little primroses in bright picture
Early bloomers for our pleasure
Small, insignificant as a plant
Such a range of colours their spectrum

Little primroses prolific bloomers
Many months displaying their glory
Crinkled leafs and grubby appearance
Painted bright hues their flowers

Little primroses gathered together
Always as groups in family setting
Normally yellow is their wild state
Man's engineering increased the range

Little primroses in splendid isolation
Don't usually mix with other species
Even when planted with new friends
Predictably finish up alone eventually


Sat in the sun, a little lunch
Guitar music playing low
Forget the jobs bringing toil
Can be left till the morrow

Caressing, relaxing, smiling sun
So warm and comforting its love
Bringing light of such intensity
Little wonder ancients worshipped it

Wish I could look into its face
See the energy generated there
Wonder at its size and elegance
Driver of all life in existence

Just one of many stars
Populating our universe
Will one day collapse and die
Like all life its destiny

Golden orb

Golden orb sinking to rest
Settling in to cosy nest
Trees straining to watch the view
Witnesses of scene spectacular

Orange tints spray the sky
Tapering upwards to yellow tone
An artist's dream for crayon or paint
But how do justice to coloured scene?


Dark shape of Hawk at early light
Gliding over field wings outstretched
Eagle-eyed surveying scene below
Searching for movement showing prey

Effortlessly he traces every inch
Conserving energy using the breeze
At last he lands on tree branch
Here to rest before starting again

Once more he takes to the air
Now circling over selected spot
Down he swoops silently
Too far to see what he's caught

Two Crows approach from nowhere
Dive-bombing Hawk still on ground
Up he soars and makes escape
Pursued by Crows out of their territory

Perhaps the Crows use the Hawk
His hunting skills their reward
Let him spot and kill the prey
Return and eat when chased away


Fluttering, fluttering, up and down
Touching, parting, as if in dance
Resting a while on a branch
Take to the air, resume romance

Cock the leader of the motion
Hen resists but doesn't fly off
Spring routine of dating pair
Courtship ceremony of mating

Maybe new to the game
Perhaps a pair of longstanding
Shape and speed suggest young
Both dressed in attractive finery

Hen all coy, pretending disinterest
Cock's action bordering aggression
Ritual imbedded in DNA
She the temptress, he impulsive

Cock believes he's in charge
Leading the wooing with panache
Hen's demeanour suggests compliance
But in the end, she'll decide


Flutter tap, flutter tap
Picture window under attack
Flying object up and down
Little Sparrow forcing entry

What's attracting the little chap?
Surely not to rob my pad
Maybe not attempting ingress
Resting grubs being his target

Spiders hiding in corners
Prey for aerial assault
Will the reward for hunting
Be bruises on his spout?

The Swan

What a magnificent creature the Swan is
So elegant and regal in its finery
Confident in Nature's place
King and Queen of all the birds

Every species has its champion
Unchallenged ruler of the pack
Who can deny for plants it's the tree
For those with four legs the elephant must be

What of those creatures walking on two legs?
"Man", is the cry, who else could it be?
Of course it's man, there's no contest
What else could kill so effortlessly?


Tightrope walker doing tricks
Keeping balance without a stick
Confident with such ability
Stops to survey all about him

Stands proud, chest held high
No crouching in fear of fall
Not disturbed by swaying rope
Over learnt skill to the fore

Acrobat with physical advantage
To be copied at your peril
If this fellow falls off string
Glides away on spread wings


Something special about early morn
Magical passing to light from dark
Gentle stillness permeates the air
Conveying the power of new birth

Trees whisper when stirred by breeze
Or raindrops pass onward messages
Dawn chorus begins to sing
Tuneless songs muffled by leaves

Daybreak opening the door
New life for games and toil
Energy at crest of its peak
Batteries recharged by night sleep

Man will soon despoil the mood
Noise of chatter, grinding machines
Cars conveying grim commuters
Herdsmen gathering cows for milking

Nature looks on with amused smile
Headless little ants running wild
Distracted by nonessentials of life
Will still bless them with early morn

Bye bye Swifts

Swifts are packing up, going home
Fed up of weather, lack of grub
Rain and wind stops bugs flying
Difficulties feeding, raising fledglings

Each year their numbers reducing
Flying all that way from Africa
Other places now breeding grounds
Our sky void of aerobatic clowns

We'll be poorer for their absence
Filling the heavens on gliding wings
Sailing over Martins and Swallows
Sadly they may disappear too

Cowboy builders

Cowboy builders just moved in
Constructing shack in bedroom tree
Hustle and bustle this rushed work
Late start on annual breeding road

End of July before they began
Weather to blame or busy frolicking?
Perhaps parents kicked them out
Maybe mortgage late in coming

Cherry tree a strange choice
Firs normal preference for this bird
Now a scarcity of such abodes
Jason savagely chopped them all

Pair finally organise the labour
One bringing the other moulding
Fellow not allowed to "bill and coo"
House first then romance to follow

Male does all the carrying-fetching
Female artistry needed for dressing
Twigs and straw delivered to site
Hen makes choice, throws muck aside

Birdseye view through my window
Watch Nature's way unfolding
Will their union see task completed?
More Collared Doves to grace garden

Then the rearing

Left here on my own
Always the same this time of year
Eggs needing incubation
For me the job as usual

Cock's performing necessary duties
Like most species this female work
Off he's gone on important affairs
Always occurs when young to care

What's happened to emancipation?
Stuck at home with much education
Nothing changed over time
Rearing work still all mine


Thin dark cloud on horizon
Oscillating wave is it's motion
Travelling fast on southern trail
Occasional black dots break away

Sky calm, clouds still at rest
Smoke train transverses onwards
Eastern rising sun smiles upon
Lighting path for navigation

Stream sucked along by magnetic pull
Aided by tail wind from Angel's puff
Warmer summer climes the attraction
Be first to arrive for abode selection

V-shape formation disappears
Air again clear of activity
Heavenly highway free for traffic
Ready for next dark cloud passing

A walk

Majestic trees filling the air
Arms stretched to reach out far
Delicate forms tracing together
Intertwining their graceful patterns

Strength and gentleness they display
Nature's majestic power conveyed
Timeless their need to feel and touch
Teasingly, playfully enjoying the pleasure

Stone pathway laid out below
Chips and pebbles packed together
Yielding to body weight applied
Easing passage of drawn traveller

Gentle slope inviting descent
Perfectly easing body's joints
Floating experience walking on air
Gliding down to kissing-gate

Artistically created from forest wood
Blending effortlessly with branches above
Criss-cross of limbs married together
Designed with love by cabinet maker

Place to rest and dawdle a while
Sense the atmosphere, be aware
Let the trees caress and closely enfold
Shush. Listen quietly to what they whisper

"Now forever believe dreams can be grasped"

Reluctantly turn to continue journey
Leaving behind paradise picture
Exhilarating experience never to forget
Deep in the heart memory forever treasured

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