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  • 109.
    The giver of stars

    The giver of stars

    Beautiful is the poetry planet;
    Where in the stillness of night
    Stars twinkle
    The moon shining bright
    And souls seek moments divine
    To unleash nectars of rhyme
    The givers of stars
    Are real stars in PH's shrine
    For in times of grief and strife
    You do us inspire and shine
    Bright stars you all are
    For in expanse of PH blue
    Your gem-like form and steady ray
    Attract many a view and review
    You are guides to amateur’s mind
    Sitting on the front line
    You twinkle and animate curious mind
    Oh, sweet stars, keep your soul open
    View, review and compose poems
    That will ascend you to heaven
    When I am composing this poem
    My thoughts ascend to distant climes
    And see my fellow poets’dreams
    For our poetic tongue is known in every clime
    You are all stars
    Bound by friendship, affection and smile
    In PH's great shrine……….. read more »

  • 110.
    The Star

    When I was a boy I searched the skies
    For the truth, a star, and the worldly wise,
    But ever the path of the brightest lay
    On my neighbour’s roof, or another’s way. read more »

  • 111.
    Between the Creator and Me

    I look through my body
    at the world, the stars, moons,
    stars beyond stars
    I know there are stars, moons read more »

  • 112.
    star kiss

    stand close to your window
    or stand in the open
    for the stars, the benign stars
    they want to kiss your sweet self read more »

  • 113.
    Friends Are Like Stars

    Friends are like stars
    Though they are far away
    They find a way to glisten through the dark read more »

  • 114.
    Million Stars

    There are a million stars up in the sky
    But only one star in a million attracts my eye
    Even though they all shimmer and they all shine
    There is only one star that I want as mine read more »

  • 115.
    The Clouds

    The clouds were not there,
    When the stars provided us with light
    This is why I’m still waiting for the clouds
    To reveal the light of the stars read more »

  • 116.
    Sleepless Star

    Long ere creation spurn
    The stars shone in the heavens,
    Billions of years they have burned
    To musing eyes read more »

  • 117.
    The Wishing Star

    I see a wishing star up in the sky,
    I start to make a wish upon that wishing star, read more »

  • 118.
    Veneta Marina

    The masts rise white to the stars,
    White on the night of the sky,
    Out of the water's night,
    And the stars lean down to them white. read more »

  • 119.
    Star Haiku

    Faraway twinkle

    in the vastness of Heaven's read more »

  • 120.

    Across the skies at night,
    streaks the wishing stars
    as the heavens open up
    revealing their vast glory read more »

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