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The Star One Call The Angel Of The Night. - Poem by Raymond Sawyer

When the night slip in thus for every twinkle in the sky for it the stars of the night but where there the light of life for one will see the angel of the night but just to see the eyes of the angel for there the angel of the night for who's heart is fill with respect and yet the star one call the angel of the night.

Thus for every star there a new moon that will fill a heart with the light of life but to the family life mean a lot to the family that fill the night air with respect night after night for one look to the sky but for what one see is the star that twinkle in the night thus for every moment that night slip in for one will feel the touch of respect by the angel of the night and yet the star one call the angel of the night.

Every wish that on make for a star shall twinkle in once eyes with respect but just to feel the sun is like being touch by a rose that been fill with respect just to fill the air with the touch of respect when the sun raise for every rose will be touch with the respect that will a heart that wish for respect the more one wish for respect the more the birds will sing for a heart and yet the star one call the angel of the night.

Thus every star that one see for one wish for the touch of respect but to the family respect mean a lot to the family for who's heart is full of respect but the more one wish the stronger respect will get but just to be touch with respect for one will feel the touch of respect every touch of respect the more the light of life will touch a heart with the light of life thus the light of life is the light of respect and yet the star one call the angel of the night.

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