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Poems About: STRENGTH

In this page, poems on / about “strength” are listed.

  • 289.
    Too Much Love To Lose In One Life...Too Much Life To Lose In One Love!

    Scared, terror grips me...(like darkness all around and hearing footsteps behind)
    Looking for strength to face it...I find none within me.
    Only that kind of strength, can come from God
    Too much love to lose in one life...too much life to lose in one love read more »

    Jeanette Webster
  • 290.

    Hope is a ray which brighten your lifeline
    Lifeline always encourage to go ahead
    Ahead is strongly supported by strength
    Strength consist of various field &level read more »

    ajay srivastava
  • 291.
    Hostile Takeover

    When life brings strength
    The promise of a new future
    I leave to God the details
    As now work has expanded read more »

    Rick Elpers
  • 292.
    I will do it, because I have to.

    Miracles happen when someone has great strength,
    Or do some impossible things became heaven sent,
    Which means if we have no other way to do something,
    We have the strength & wisdom to do anything. read more »

    LaSoaphia QuXazs
  • 293.
    Ease Me

    Ease on the throttle you heart,
    Hindering me was the heat of the heart,
    For blood swore to it that never will it reign,
    Like the showers of blessings contained. read more »

    Naveed Akram
  • 294.
    Give Me Peace

    Lord, give this warrior strength to follow your call
    Give him wait he needs to follow your commands, each and all
    Sometimes he feels weighed down by the weight of the world
    His emotions inside seem to get all jumbled and swirled read more »

    Aric Beers
  • 295.
    Essence Of Being

    Flowers breaking through a mind of thought,
    blossoming with ideals and untried concepts.
    Prepared for an onslaught of edited criticism
    and narrow points of view; standing firm and read more »

    RoseAnn V. Shawiak
  • 296.
    Adventure Of Finality

    Readying ourselves for future atmospheres unknown as yet
    to our personal experiences.
    Participating regularly on plains of existence we congeal
    our knowledge into books of literature, hoping to develop read more »

    RoseAnn V. Shawiak
  • 297.
    Circles in Season 0390

    The grain, who reaps the golden grain
    knows dust to dust's returned again,
    though flesh may rot, one can't impound
    the spirit risen, strength new-found. read more »

    Jonathan ROBIN
  • 298.
    Strength Beyond Measure

    From the moment I laid eyes on her
    I knew she was special
    I knew she was amazing read more »

    Seth Kaileen
  • 299.
    The War Lord

    The Warrior took a deep cut
    Archer and spear
    Couldn’t pierce his strength
    The pain gives him courage read more »

    Matthias Pantaleon
  • 300.
    Tempting Is The Devil's Fruit

    Tempting is the devil's fruit,
    Our faith does he assail.
    If our own strength were all we had,
    Then we should surely fail. read more »

    Aidan Clevinger
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