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Poems About: STRENGTH

In this page, poems on / about “strength” are listed.

  • 61.
    Power and strength

    We all have a unique power and strength
    Though many strive blindly to get it at length
    Some see power in a weapon revenging
    But it takes greater strength in simply forgiving read more »

  • 62.
    Love Is Strong

    A VIEWLESS thing is the wind,
    But its strength is mightier far
    Than a phalanxed host in battle line,
    Than the limbs of a Samson are. read more »

    Richard Francis Burton
  • 63.

    i do not know my strength
    nor see myself as other people do
    i can not be all things
    to others or please all for read more »

    Faith Elizabeth Brigham
  • 64.

    My mind, body and spirit are strong
    I take time each day to rejuvenate and recharge
    I draw from deep well of peace and calm
    I breathe in strength and release my fears read more »

    Ari Castillo
  • 65.

    Beauty, and strength
    Violence, and happiness
    Courage, and mercy
    Yet without this one girl read more »

    matthew jeter
  • 66.
    The Power of Good-bye

    Cruel friend
    Trust built on lies
    Holding on to the wound
    That will never heal read more »

    Agata Konopka
  • 67.
    My strength,

    My strength,
    My strength is the narrow road,
    That I know all that is right from wrong,
    Come all over and save me, read more »

    Maxim Muyu
  • 68.
    Dying, Yet Not Dead

    I’m forever dying
    Yet never dead
    Forever crying
    My abundance of tears read more »

    Allyson Gordon
  • 69.

    Think of the power of the sun
    It shines so brightly on everyone
    It gives us heat, energy and light
    But one dark cloud positioned just right read more »

    Theresa Quinn
  • 70.

    All of your nonsense is sense to me
    your truth I'll take for any that can be.
    I'll suffocate in the fruit that you bear
    and dedicate myself to a strand of your hair. read more »

    Michael Ardizzone
  • 71.
    I Choose You

    In all the creation tha the creator has created
    I choose you to be vulnerable to
    I choose you to be broken in front of
    I choose you to show the weaker side of the giant that I am read more »

    Philani Zincume
  • 72.
    A Woman's Strength

    Lying half dead
    A broken being in the gutters of life
    Paralyzed by its cruelty
    But in your eyes read more »

    chantelle ribeiro
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