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Poems About: STRENGTH

In this page, poems on / about “strength” are listed.

  • 85.
    Strength of a nation

    Strength of a nation
    The strength of a nation
    Driven by honour and pride read more »

    Matthew Holloway
  • 86.
    Te Maunga and Te Moana

    My brother the mountain
    My brother the guardian
    My brother, watches over me read more »

    Helen Gaudin
  • 87.
    The Prime Locus

    Man draws strength from myriad power centres
    to connect with the Order of the universe
    to realise oneness with Infinite Power
    whose prime locus lies in one’s heart read more »

    Dr. Madan Gandhi
  • 88.

    She was amazed of my strength and,
    She gave me the credit;
    But, you are in the gall of bitterness and,
    In the bound of iniquity today! ! read more »

    Edward Kofi Louis
  • 89.
    Lesd wrestler

    Even you’ve strength
    You don’t have cattle
    My age mate
    You won’t get read more »

    David Aoloch Bion
  • 90.
    Autumn Boughs-Jesenje Granje

    And all those who cross through many a field
    Throw the corn clouds up into the sun
    They can see the sunflower
    growing beyond the strength of the move read more »

    Miroslava Odalovic
  • 91.
    A Strong Woman vs. A Woman Of Strength

    A strong woman works out every day,
    Pride in her appearance she portrays,
    But a woman of strength kneels to pray,
    Her soul in shape, God leading the way. read more »

    Luke Easter
  • 92.
    Strength From God

    As more darkness looms ahead, I will look to my Savior instead,
    For God’s strength, one more time, in this trial, not of my design,
    And as God’s done before, strength He’ll supply and much more,
    As God leads me through the night, in His strength and His might. read more »

    Bob Gotti
  • 93.
    What They Do

    in this country of ours
    there's sometimes dark hours
    when things go wrong
    some people are strong read more »

    Adele Katie Bowling
  • 94.

    The weakness that rests inside of me rests not when strength summons me to be.
    So foreign is even the word 'strength' to me these days.
    I think back to when I was a child and such strength found it's way in everything I did.
    I see that same strength now, in other youths. read more »

    Michael James Robert Parkes
  • 95.

    This Poem is dedicated to one of my dear friends who took his own life on 5/29/09. You will truly be missed.

    S- Is for the soul that is searching for the read more »

    Jada McElrath
  • 96.
    The Warrior's Prayer

    Long since, in sore distress, I heard one pray,
    'Lord, who prevailest with resistless might,
    Ever from war and strife keep me away, read more »

    Paul Laurence Dunbar
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