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Together - Poem by Jamie Thomson

Sometimes you meet a match.
Not body nor wealth.
Beyond the eyes and even heart.
Two souls meet and together watch
the world as one but with two looks,
two inputs, four foots, with two books,
written with two stories.
With Words from two worlds been read,
With Ideas formed from two lives led.
Happiness now shines in two,
Yet pain now bleeds from two hearts too.
Love can double, cause twice the bliss,
But two souls break when their chance is missed.
Can two that love and really match,
Stay as one, forever attached?

If two airs blow and meet together,
in the strong free wind from other blows,
and hold themselves from such a strength,
from two stubborn airs a whirlwind grows.

If two fires glow and meet together,
in a strong warm sun formed from other glows,
and hold themselves from such a strength,
from two stubborn fires a firestorm grows

If two earths grow and meet together,
in a strong stable world formed from other grows,
and hold themselves from such a strength,
from two stubborn earths an earthquake grows.

If two waters flow and meet together,
In a strong deep sea from other flows,
and hold themselves from such a strength,
from two stubborn waters a whirlpool grows.

For the air, fire, earth and water,
To be free, deep, warm and stable,
To be strong and stay as one from many,
They must learn to merge and then be able,
To let their stories become a story,
Let it form from all the words,
Learn that single strength while easy,
Will never be strong nor heard,
Like single grains of sand beneath,
Matched more than a matching soul,
Alone can break at the ocean's whisper,
But can also carry it while whole.

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