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  • 13.

    You ask me what I call Success -
    It is, I wonder, Happiness?

    It is not wealth, it is not fame,
    Nor rank, nor power nor honoured name.
    It is not triumph in the Arts -
    Best-selling books or leading parts.
    It is not plaudits of the crowd,
    The flame of flags, processions proud.
    The panegyrics of the Press
    are but the mirage of Success.
    You may have all of them, my friend,
    Yet be a failure in the end.

    I've know proud Presidents of banks
    Who've fought their way up from the ranks,
    And party leaders of renown
    Who played as boys in Shantytown.
    Strong, self-made men, yet seek to trace
    Benignity in any face;
    Grim purpose, mastery maybe,
    Yet never sweet serenity;
    Never contentment, thoughts that bless -
    That mellow joy I deem Success.

    The haply seek some humble hearth,
    Quite poor in goods yet rich in mirth,
    And see a man of common clay
    Watching his little ones at play;
    A laughing fellow full of cheer,
    Health, strength and faith that mocks at fear;
    Who for his happiness relies
    On joys he lights in other eyes;
    He loves his home and envies none. . . .
    Who happier beneath the sun?

    Aye, though he walk in lowly ways,
    Shining Success has crowned his days. read more »

  • 14.

    I think if you had loved me when I wanted;
    If I'd looked up one day, and seen your eyes,
    And found my wild sick blasphemous prayer granted, read more »

  • 15.

    Says the Shadow to the Sun,
    'When the victory is done
    All the world that thou hast won
    Will be mine!' read more »

  • 16.
    Other's Successes

    CAN you go to another who wins in the fight
    And give him a hand-shake that 's true?
    Do you find yourself feeling a sense of delight
    In the good work another may do? read more »

  • 17.
    Successful Failure

    I wonder if successful men
    Are always happy?
    And do they sing with gusto when
    Springtime is sappy? read more »

  • 18.

    First, April, she with mellow showers
    Opens the way for early flowers;
    Then after her comes smiling May,
    In a more rich and sweet array; read more »

  • 19.
    Success And Failure

    I do not think all failure's undeserved,
    And all success is merely someone's luck;
    Some men are down because they were unnerved, read more »

  • 20.
    Success Story

    Does success blind the man completely?
    Not wait and go for its show immediately?
    If he is earthly man then will slowly digest,
    Means and ways set first and then suggest, read more »

  • 21.
    There Is No Rest For Success

    Success is a journey not a destination a year from
    now you may wish you had started today.
    Every beginner is a winner. Success is not escaping problems but facing them creatively.
    There is no success without sacrifice. read more »

  • 22.
    Succes My World

    When I think success
    I see it comes
    When i dream success
    I see it comes read more »

  • 23.
    Beauty is Success

    Confidence is Beauty
    Beauty is Art
    Art is Performance
    Performance is Excellence read more »

  • 24.

    ART does not ascertain
    SCIENCE does ascertain
    it shows results...though
    the other sows seeds read more »

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