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Live A Worthy Life - Poem by SWETA LEENA PANDA

Oh my dear
It's your life, live it fullest
Make every moment as happiest
There is no tomorrow
Live life as like there is no tomorrow
That's why make it worth living
Give how much you can
There is nothing you can't
Give your best effort in everywhere
One thing I learn from my life
That's never ever give up
Once you give up it's very difficult to stand up
I remember, when I was child from that day I was very competent
That's why I face many difficulties & accept many challenges
I never take myself as a girl
I always believe as if I can do everything
I remember when I got math scholarship
Many people comment me as I remembering mathematics

When I got scholarship many people are there comment like
"How I got it "& show fingers towards my parents
Still I never give & I accept their challenge
& tried to show that i am not weak
i can do everything
Yeah! there was a moment where I fail to success
I fail to achieve my main aim
Which demoralize me & brook me into pieces
My whole eighteen years labor went in vain
Which brook me inside
However that was my first step to failure
After that I never succeed seriously telling
Many times I faced injustice
From drawing competition to essay competition
There was one break even point
Where I decided
no! it's over
I can't tolerate more
I have to raise my voice, I have to be strong
I have to show myself that i also can do better
I can't allow others to suggest me not to do something
I came this world to do everything
My greatest drawback of my every failure was
I always care for other emotions
Which always pull my leg down?
now i understand except my parents & teachers
No one is my well wiser
My great mistake was i believe everyone blindly
I remember that day
when I start writing , people took it competition
When I start drawing further people comments me as I do copy
which made my mind confuse, what to do
however now i can get my conclusion
it was their planning to pull my leg down
However this time I fully decided to 'never ever give up'
i already set up this thing in my mind
As in my life I gave up many things
I understand what is today's life is
I am not saying don't care about others emotional
Still be wise & take the decision in according to situation
This world is full of competition
what I learnt from my life
Everyone wanna be success,
that's why I wanna say be strong & wise
See every situation & the words of people
I love to analyze & I learn if you analyze the words of various people
It may helps to take the future decision
A simple word tells a person's mentality
Always remember, so keep it in your mind
Life is your, that's why never give up
Keep your head up & say I cann't give up
Make your life worthy
You never know what may happen tomorrow
So live for today, make it memorable for each day
Live a life like other can take you as an example
Make it so worthy living
However worthy living comes from lots of learning
when I know I am right, i never listen others
Even if I never do anything wrong with anyone, never hurt anyone
i always hurt badly
however i wanna say one thing
I am trying for survive & I wanna get myself identification
that's why i can't give up
That's why I wanna be expert in every field
As I don't know what will be my next
That's why I am preparing myself from today
I can't forget those days "how I suffered a lot, how much I cried
& I found no hand for help
& I brook down into pieces, how only failure left in my fortune
Even if I never did any mistake
Still i never leave my principle
what ever i the situation came in life
I may break, still never choose any wrong step
What my god teach me everyday
i wanna to give how much i can
I always try to help others, still sometimes you have to suffer
As this world is not that much good enough
they don't allow you for success
One painful cry, one painful moment taught me one thing & made me strong for forever
When i begged help, i found no hand at that moment
no one try to understand me
& wanna to stand besides me
That day was most painful day for me
That's' why I wanna thanks those people
who helped me to make me strong enough
Who show me my inner hidden talent?
now i forget all & forgive all
still i can't forget those days & the lesson i learnt
As the first time I did n't understand how the world actually is
However now I can get it…
It taught me a great lesson "never ever give up"
As no one is yours
I lose many friends when they saw me in success
I lose some friends when I did n't agree with their words
As I knew why they were telling these
I knew the whole world very complicated
everyone play game with you to down you
That's why i wanna say to you
listen your inner voice
it will never cheat you
So that no one can motive you in a wrong way
You can see a person's outer face not inner face
Now I understand what is life actually is & how to live it
Now I give emphasize on few good friends rather than more friends
I love to learn different mind
So that I can't face problems in my future life"
That's why I wanna say be yourself
As you don't know what will be the next
So Never take my words in negative sense
I am saying what was happening with me
I am saying the reason of my failures
I can't see others also face the same mistakes
Oh my dear
Hope you understand me
Why I am telling these things
I am saying because I wanna see your success
I never wanna see the failure of anyone
But I could n't understand why people want my failure
Why they can't see my any success
As I am a girl
Or what's problem with me
I seriously I wanna to know my problems
can anyone tell me
I know till now I never try to hurt anyone
I always care for everyone
is that the reason people try to hurt me
Still now also I suffer, still now also I cry
Every time I ask my lord why these thing happens with me
Am I exceptional? ? ?
After that I always get one answer
This is life, it will first break u then make you
That's why never worry for any storme
It will pass according to time & situation
But it's upon you how you tackle the situation
Live your life fullest & make it worthy
By making everyone happy
this is a great lesson i learn from my life
I never wanna to see other to face the same situation
that's why i wanna share with whole world
never take it as a negative sense
please understand the concept & the reason of my failure
this is my aim is to tell the whole world
why i failure
& i don't wanna see other also face the same situation
it can be happen with anyone
so be wise & take the every step in well matter
it's your life
live it & show others
that you can make it worthy

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