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A Waving Hand - Poem by hasmukh amathalal

She was almost there waving hand at me
I smiled gently and felt relieved and free
It was not midnight even and I dreamed of her
I sensed some one standing by and ready to whisper

“Are you taking proper care of yourself and kids”?
I was half asleep and could not get proper lead
It was addressed definitely to me and got restless
I could recollect nothing from a figure surely faceless

It were almost decades she had left us behind
We had no time to recollect past and exactly find
What had gone wrong with our family and suffered?
We picked up all the threads which were offered

Though she remained a centre for all encouragement
We had lot more to do for our future engagement
It was not coming in easy way and I struggled very hard
All suffering and pain I did not prefer even to be heard

Those were critical days with you mom
You were kind and keeping always mum
You had large responsibility to carry on
The success was eluding you and very far gone

I remember tears rushing on your face
It was terrible scene but you were actively in race
You wanted to push me ahead of every one
It was pure sentiment and you wanted to share with none

Let me be very honest in admitting the fault
I was pushed in race which had no pause or halt
It needed constant drive and strict vigil
The success was on card or on anvil

Each success made me hungry for another milestone
For me by gone years were just nightmare and gone
I had no time to look back and curse the luck
I was surging ahead with fortune and got never struck

I was definitely blessed with your wishes
Every venture I started met with good finish
You were behind all and I did my best
I made it point and came over as crucial test

I was left behind you by many miles
Elegant look, good fortune and name now shine
I miss very you nearly as there is no one to embrace
It made me restless as I could not find you or trace

How time behaves in different way?
Keeps you alive to find the fortune or bright ray
It leaves behind everything even your dear ones
It is tales success story inscribed on each stones

I am at ease now
I wonder at and think how?
All it happened over number of years
It rang me when you called me in my ears

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