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Poems About: SUMMER

In this page, poems on / about “summer” are listed.

  • 205.
    Summer Once Again

    The seasons goes by.
    Fall is when every this starts falling asleep,
    Winter is when everything is a slumber
    But not theones how are awake. read more »

    sandy kulchyski
  • 206.
    Summer Friend

    Sonnet 10: Summer Friend

    This time of May it was summer's day
    Thou heist the ensile of the farmer's hay read more »

    Folayemi Akande
  • 207.
    A Parfay'ed Summer's-Spent....

    A parfay'ed summer spent on the outter reached, beach of sand...
    Tidal waves of passion is neatly a'near at hand.
    Parfay'ed cones of icecream dripping to my mouth...
    Wind swept towards my face-commeth' from my South. read more »

    Michael Gale
  • 208.

    these days people see it as just another summer.
    just another ray of sun.
    just an excuse to have some fun. read more »

    stephanie Boccia
  • 209.
    Shout it out, 'Summer in March! '

    What a bummer,
    I wish it were summer. read more »

    The Smiles That We Share
  • 210.
    TWENTY Summers Die

    The smell of fresh cookies i inhaled so deep
    All of my senses excitable at hand
    For such a moment of passion the young men weep
    I have her at my command read more »

  • 211.
    What Makes The Summer?

    It is not the lark's clear tone
    Cleaving the morning air with a soaring cry,
    Nor the nightingale's dulcet melody all the balmy night-- read more »

    Marietta Holley
  • 212.
    Summer Was (II)

    Summer was the longing we felt each other feel,
    Like the certainty of hope in a newly spinning wheel.

    Summer was the sunshine that shouted through the rain, read more »

    R. L. Allen
  • 213.
    School Or Summer

    School, work work work
    Thats what you do all day
    Sitting in a chair looking at the teacher
    Who just wrote down more work for you. read more »

    Dawn Gothic
  • 214.
    Summer Nights

    Summer nights are so clear, yeah I know I want to live like this...days went by and the sun went up and down.

    Yeah I remember, the summer nights, it was clear just like an open sky.
    Fire was burning with a couple of friends, yeah I know I had a good time. read more »

    Max D. Hornbogen
  • 215.
    Summer Days of Yesteryear

    We often live surveying the past
    as a summer season comes around,
    and selecting the days of living freely
    in our memory will be found. read more »

    Joseph T. Renaldi
  • 216.
    “Execution Of Summer”

    A Sonnet for Ian Bowen's challenge called Summer's end XXX

    There’s a picture of summer I can see
    through my autumnal heart that alleges read more »

    Munia Khan
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