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Poems About: SUMMER

In this page, poems on / about “summer” are listed.

  • 325.
    Cannon Bones

    I love to feel on summer days
    your cool and slender cannon bones
    as they uphold your many ways
    I love to feel on summer days. read more »

    Cathe Ferguson
  • 326.
    16 mm Movies

    One summer I taught with a guy fixated on flicks
    I mean those 16mm films teachers used
    to get away from textbooks read more »

    Michael Pruchnicki
  • 327.

    These colorful bugs that fly
    Low in the summer sky
    And flies above children in the morning’s light
    That shows there colored wings read more »

    nick trager
  • 328.

    Summertime has come again

    How we play outside all day long read more »

    Bethany Unknown
  • 329.
    From Beth to Vickie

    One summer he read rows
    and rows of Elizabethan verse,
    from an anthology whose jacket
    was illustrated with a red rose. read more »

    Sonny Rainshine
  • 330.
    Haiku: Nature & Life- 30

    1. Summer noon
    Spellings of the sun
    Into water-mirror. read more »

    Ashraful Musaddeq
  • 331.
    Summer 1964

    In memory I tread paths we once trod
    When trees were trees and God was God
    Summers spent chasing the butterfly
    As butterflies chased the summer by read more »

    Adrian Wait
  • 332.
    Like Summer Even Though It's Winter

    Gaze up towards
    the pale blue sky
    and mourn for the
    deep blue days of Summer. read more »

    Andrew Matthews
  • 333.
    Summer Tastes

    Summer has a taste
    I guess they all do
    But summer is worth mentioning read more »

    Peet Thomas
  • 334.
    When summer comes

    When summer comes
    I will dress in silk blouse and skirt
    Wear my new high shoes
    Collared with green pearls. read more »

    Natasa Tocuc
  • 335.

    It's 1.06 am here
    In Manhattan.

    My feet are cold, I wonder read more »

    Maddi Eden
  • 336.

    I am bound to you for evermore,
    My summer sweet and fair;
    Your beauty always I adore,
    When songs of birds are in the air. read more »

    Peter S. Quinn
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