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Poems About: SUMMER

In this page, poems on / about “summer” are listed.

  • 73.
    Summer Breeze

    Listen to the chirps, inhaling the morning clouds

    Sipping on the morning dew, waiting for her text read more »

    Jerod Hairston
  • 74.
    summer can be fun

    here comes summer with
    chirping robins, buddling roses
    there comes the summer with
    gentle showers, summer clothes read more »

    kirsty coleman
  • 75.

    read more »

    nnn lll
  • 76.
    Summer of Love/Winter of Hate

    A summer to love
    A summer of happiness
    A summer of love
    Everything was perfect read more »

    Savannah Moe
  • 77.
    In that summer of loving you

    In that summer of loving you
    I was free
    All things were possible
    And I believed them all read more »

    Debra A.G. Hawley
  • 78.
    Imaginary Summer

    read more »

    Henry Marthinus Ohello
  • 79.
    Summer's Rain

    Another child bathed in summer's rain
    Another cloud rised in horizon's plain
    Another piece broke from your crystal heart
    Another piece broke your consiousness apart read more »

    Lubna Hazeem
  • 80.
    Summer and Water

    They love each other
    And they absolved
    And they absorbed.

    In summer read more »

    gajanan mishra
  • 81.
    I Could Not Say

    A single word
    To the summer
    I know summer is
    Not independent read more »

    gajanan mishra
  • 82.
    Summer Fair

    The summer fair
    they turned us to friends
    grade a glad list us
    more of a cold night read more »

    Tajma Hall
  • 83.
    summer dream

    As I sleep under the summer sun I dream of a maiden of beauty
    I see the wind in her hair like that of wind moving the summer grass in a field
    I see her eyes that sparkle like that of sun gleaming off the lake on a summer day
    I see her warm face like that of a summer white rose, soft and beautiful to the touch read more »

    Timothy Honeycutt
  • 84.
    Summer Man in Winter

    This poem written by Alexander Eichen

    I knew a summer man in winter
    With hair of gold and eyes of silver read more »

    Bob and Alex Eichen
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