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  • 97.
    Summer Fire

    Summer's Eyes shine


    penetrating deep in ocean


    tattoos upon my consciousness

    which Summer illuminates

    but she, too, burns

    from giving more heat

    than I can withstand

    a searing of my soul

    I, am, the moth to her flame;

    a supplicant

    intoxicated by her Summerness

    her Sherazade

    her Red Burning Flower

    her mere attention;

    I chased her light

    but was consumed by her heat

    seared heart returning time and time again

    to her cobalt inferno kiss..

    She was my incendiary addiction

    from which I tried

    time and time again to retire

    from her and her fire

    which attracted me so-

    the lady with the red hair

    and green eyes-

    my Summer fix.

    But now I look rather to

    those with Spring's touch

    No fault of Summer here

    she was captured and bound inside her own lovely bloom,

    but I had to recognize

    in fact

    I'm more at ease

    with Spring's Empathies

    than with fiery Summer flowerings.

    The many chased after Summer's Heat

    But now I know I am more suited

    to relish Spring's offerings;

    than Summer's Insouciance

    rather than her too ripened,

    too wise Summer flower

    over-sure of its own beauty

    oblivious of Moths and Flames. read more »

  • 98.

    Summer Rain
    by Rema Prasanna

    Rain in summer read more »

  • 99.
    16 mm Movies

    One summer I taught with a guy fixated on flicks
    I mean those 16mm films teachers used
    to get away from textbooks read more »

  • 100.
    Here It Comes

    Here comes summer
    Here comes summer
    Chirping Robins, budding roses
    Here comes summer read more »

  • 101.
    Haiku- Summer

    Haiku- Summer
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    During summer
    Even the sun enjoys rains read more »

  • 102.
    Waiting for the Summer

    Warm Summer…
    Bumblebee flies to the south
    Hailed by the beautiful blossom orchid
    Summer..oh Summer… read more »

  • 103.
    Summer's Coming

    In my head I hear a humming,
    Summer, summer summer's coming,
    Soon we're going on vacation,
    But there is a complication, read more »

  • 104.

    Summer rain

    From the early hours onto this rain
    Summer still awaits to the shower read more »

  • 105.
    The Last Rose Of Summer

    The last rose of summer lingers of a soft fragrance
    as the days of summer fade into days only remembered
    over the fires embers that stir yesterdays moment. read more »

  • 106.
    A Preliminary Summer Song

    In comes Summer
    Days prolong
    Sun blazes with full glow
    Hot breeze scorches the vegetation read more »

  • 107.

    'I beg you, '
    I said to him,
    'give me your love,
    If only for the summer. read more »

  • 108.
    A Hymn Of Heat

    When Summer comes
    To silence the retreating drums
    Of stubborn Winter, when content
    Shall salve my chill predicament. read more »

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