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In this page, poems on / about “sun” are listed.

  • 325.

    The sun gloomin

    The sun gloomin
    the moon sinkin read more »

  • 326.

    Kissing read more »

  • 327.
    Sun and Moon

    the sun
    when you
    close your eyes
    massages your darkness read more »

  • 328.
    Sunday Morning Sunshine

    Ticking, coming from somewhere
    Down a hall
    In someone’s house read more »

  • 329.

    The days were beautifully serene, and those that lived them were carefree. Warmed by sights that were to be seen, as nature's greatness was set free. One to which the sights did appeal, quite soon found herself filled with glee. Due to how the sun made her feel, and flaunt what she once did conceal. The girl wished to be the sun's bride, as for him she was urged to pine. The sun made her feel good inside, for in his presence she would shine. All that the sun managed to light, showed the world that the girl was fine. She made for an entrancing sight, as a love she sought to ignite.

    To try to make the sun her prince, the girl acted at every chance. A love was lost and he's not loved since, so he ignored every advance. Hearts are broken with reluctance, and around the matter we'll dance, so to avoid any grievance, that might come as a consequence. The young girl didn't give up hope, and made her perseverance known. With failure the girl could not cope, for towards it she was not prone. The girl put her beauty on show, adamant not to be alone, hopeful she could make love grow, and thus avoid feeling sorrow. read more »

  • 330.
    Seasons of My Soul

    Seasons of My Soul

    The spring,
    such a perfect reminisce read more »

  • 331.
    An Indian Summer of My Childhood

    The sun would volley
    Live coals on bodies
    In threadbare clothes
    The sun would blink read more »

  • 332.
    Sun Of Scissors

    You can be so cold
    changing through the seasons
    speaking on the behalf of people
    that missed the chance to grow old read more »

  • 333.
    29 The Sun

    The bee's favorite couplet: a sunup-brimming buttercuplet
    In dawning daybreak so pure and still he opened the window
    above the sill and the Sun of Love into room did spill read more »

  • 334.
    Sun and Moon

    Sun and Moon
    Being the true immortials of the world.
    The sun bathing the world with light and warmth.
    The moon smothering the world in darkness to rest. read more »

  • 335.
    An Indian Summer Day on the Prairie


    The sun is a huntress young,
    The sun is a red, red joy, read more »

  • 336.
    Our Flag (Philippines)

    Red, white an’ blue
    Three golden stars an’ a sun
    Symbol of sovereignty
    Seal of authority read more »

New Sun Poems

  1. Sitting on the sun, Emmanuel chibuike ikechukwu
  2. Hope, Avanthi Jay
  3. the sun, derrick foster
  4. The Great Yet Greets Us All, Pranab K. Chakraborty
  5. Where Is My Lover The Sun, Saiom Shriver
  6. Behind The Pretty Sun, MOHAMMAD SKATI
  7. The Sun Spun, Saiom Shriver
  9. Ripe Apples, Saiom Shriver
  10. Sun sun ri behan(Listen my sister), Aftab Alam
  11. Beyond The Sun, Abraham Sutzkever
  12. I am moving with the sun, gajanan mishra
  13. El Sol (The Sun), Willy Ortiz
  14. The Beauty My Heart Is stun, Rex mayor Ubini
  15. Earth, Areese Woodson
  16. Pacific Sun, Mason Maestro
  17. The Sun, Clarence Prince
  18. Spring Sun Ignite Eternal Season Flame, Terence G. Craddock
  19. Open not the door, gajanan mishra
  20. Seven Colors Of Sun Rays, V P Mahur
  21. Tiny tweak, Persian Nightingale
  22. Wide Smiling Sun, Emmanuel George Cefai
  24. Moon, Sun and Earth, Tirupathi Chandrupatla
  25. Sunflowers, S. Nadia Azam Shah Bukhari
  26. Embrace The Beauty, kanav justa
  27. Gary Swift, Elia Michael
  28. The Sun Has Role, hasmukh amathalal
  29. Today, The Sun is Shining, Elia Michael
  30. The Chariot Design of The Konark Sun Tem.., Bijay Kant Dubey
  31. Who is the sun?, gajanan mishra
  32. Who is your SUN?, Bimash Budha
  33. There the Red Sun Rises, Tim Vallie
  34. I Want To Fly, Moses Samandar
  35. Jayanta And The Konark Sun-Temple, Bijay Kant Dubey
  36. Fog is insignificant, gajanan mishra
  37. When I See The Sun, Dash Black
  38. AUTUMN'S RUN, Philo Yan
  39. I Cherish My Sun, Sierra Staten
  40. Here Comes The Sun, Miroslava Odalovic
  41. Son/Sun, nicholas sardinha
  42. California Sun Scatter, Vera Sidhwa
  43. The Same Sun, Champs Ulysses Cabinatan
  44. The Sun, Pierre Rausch
  45. Moon and Sun, Tirupathi Chandrupatla
  46. Lost, lucas altenberg
  47. Where the Sun Will Always Rise, David Thomas
  48. Quit this, gajanan mishra
  49. Sun sun sun, gajanan mishra
  50. Haiku: For You, Benjamin Michael Clark
  51. The Sun, gajanan mishra
  52. summer top, otteri selvakumar
  53. Clouds..., kalpana shah
  54. Australian Heritage, Kylie Rowe
  55. I Watch the Sun Pass by, Basanta Lohani
  56. And there doth the sun shine, Jay Reynolds
  57. Like The Sun, gajanan mishra
  58. Seasons of My Soul, Joey Jones
  59. In The Corner Of The Eyes, Jay Reynolds
  60. Sun and Summer, Somanathan Iyer
  61. From Dawn To Dusk, Devanshi Khetarpal
  62. Ask the sun, gajanan mishra
  63. Touch, Philo Yan
  64. No Sun No Wind, gajanan mishra
  65. The Sun, Sanjeev Kumar
  66. Wait for a moment, gajanan mishra
  67. emancipation, hosein shafiei
  68. Sun Alive In Moonlight Smile, Unwritten Soul
  69. wild in the sun, Lilly Emerson Brayfield
  70. Flowers Galore, Matthew Foor
  71. Sonnet for the Sun, Rose Whittington
  72. Sun Of Scissors, Katerina Val
  73. Dusky Skies, nic hillen
  74. Flare Baby Flare, Udiah (witness to Yah)
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