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Spring - Poem by Christian Lacdael

The world was overcome with cold, everything seemed frozen or dead. The snowdrop flower acted bold, and caused a change that would soon spread. The sun was warmed so sought to aid, hoping that others would be led. In time the chill started to fade, which in turn woke a young maid. The maiden gained the touch of life, from picking a flower deemed nice, which was the one that fought through strife. She then sought to craft paradise. Everything the maiden spied, gained beauty with which to entice, till the entire countryside, was fill with beauty far and wide.

The world again had its old charm, for with life it began to teem. The cold seemed to have done no harm, as though it'd been but a bad dream. As sunlight freed the land from gloom, vibrant colours began to gleam, for nature took its cue to bloom, infusing the air with perfume. The sights seen were so singular, the sky formed and then cried a tear. What was yet more irregular, it cried till it gave cause to fear. There was an extensive downpour, for skies were no longer clear. It rained and rained and rained some more, which had effects none could ignore.

Showers made beauty hard to see, as it lessened nature's appeal. Blossom was shed from every tree, as a result of the ordeal. The maiden was notably keen, to somehow once again reveal, how nature can appear serene, and to restore the sights once seen. The maiden tried to save all in reach, but the rain had dampened her touch. Of all her attempts failure met each, And so nothing changed all that much. The maiden feared she'd face reproach. As to faith she held a tight clutch, while on her change was to encroach, she sought to think up a new approach.

The maid then used paint for her aim, so all the bright colours could stay. She made sure nothing looked the same, hand made a beautiful display. The rain continued to pour down, and soon washed all the paint away. To the sun heads turned to complain, praying it weren't to be in vain. It seemed hopes they would have to shelf. Getting through to the sun proved tough. A bird reached the sun by himself. The task proved hard and the trek rough. The brave bird gave the sun a brief, and told him enough was enough. He outlined experienced grief, and asked for there to be relief.

There was a reclaiming of hope, as the sun's might at last awoke. He glared till the clouds could not cope, and so the cloud cover soon broke. The temperature started to grow, owed to change all wished to invoke, which in time caused the wind to blow, and the rains to finally go. The skies were the bluest ever known, for all the rain clouds were long gone, to far away lands they were blown, uncovering the sun which shone. Life started to flourish again, wherever the sun fell upon. Life swelled in every wood and glen, crafting beauty that's hard to pen.

The maiden aided as well, by using her life giving skill. All that caused gloom was bade farewell, as all bowed to a stronger will. The girl's actions were her downfall, As they soon led her to fall ill. She spurred life in things great and small, till she had no life left at all. The maiden's death broke many a heart, for all loved her every aspect. Sad that from life she did depart, they lined up to pay their respect. The maid lived on despite her fate, since her life had made an impact, which nature's glorious state, clearly acted to illustrate.

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