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Make Love A Reality Again - Poem by Don Nguyen

My Love, I have run away from you, from love, from my old self, from the world
To chase a mirage, a panorama full of illusions, of lost focuses, which is receding
The one once molded after your own heart now has turned into pessimistic coward
Who runs away from every opportunity to help, to serve, to convert
Any soul who is in need while he was thinking only of himself
My Love, you have spoiled this simpleton with all your blessing and gracious deeds
He now has failed to look deeply to his once-loving heart
He has failed to long for you, yearned for you as he once was alone walking with you
He has forgotten that in the crowd, he used to treasure the moment of sunset
While sitting by your side sharing each fainting ray which but glows his inner world of his heart
The scenery of his soul nowadays covers only with gray with misty blue like a bleeding host
No longer neatly arranged to welcome you into his heart at each desiring dawn
but now it looks more like his hair, his jeans, his socks
Everything about him is now a mess, unrecognizable by you or by any bystander who only frowns
What has happened, my Love, answer me, for you seems so far so distant
Why my life seems like crying, having no escape, it is now so elusive
Did I believe in you my love, didn’t I? But I no longer believe in myself to be decisive
In anything good, worthy to behold for my own soul, not alone of anybody else
Oh, my life feels like sunset instead of sunrise, the sunset without you in it
I long to dwell in love but love has become a drenching yearning from far off
I long for our mysterious bond we once had; are you still in me or you have departed from me?
Love, please give life to my heart which is dying slowly without your eyes upon me
Which caress my soul into the highest heavenly wilderness
I once had tasted many times such tender moments which each imprinted deeply on my soul canvas
I have left Love and now the words uttered from my mouth appear gilded with fake gold
Which destroys any sweetness the words contain and no longer transport any soul
Into the land of honey or dream or into your dearest loving arms
Things just don't just happen, What did I do wrong? When did it go wrong, my Lord?
Please tell me, guide me as you've always had in our long-gone past, please I now beg.
Stoop down to see this broken soul, my Love, my God.
Why does he long to escape but he keeps lingering in no-man land?
Why does he feel like a torrent, a bleeding host?
Yes, he has stopped living with love, in his Love, he has failed to look into his heart
To nurture loving compassion, to be kind and humble, to be flooded with noble ideas and living purposes
Remind me, oh my Love, why I am here, what I am at each moment
So that Love will once again become a reality while my own self worth dissipate into a vanity

To be replace by true love.

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