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Poems About: SUNSET

In this page, poems on / about “sunset” are listed.

  • 241.

    I am a dreamer
    A denizen of the sunset and sunrise view
    I hopeful man that seeks for a star
    Amidst the clouded skies and frozen eyes read more »

    Bernard Jess Sagpang
  • 242.

    It was getting darker
    It had breeze
    It felt soft
    But the Sunset brought it shine read more »

    meitha soekotjo
  • 243.
    For You

    A Sunset for you
    A rose or two
    I know what you like because it's you
    Your my mentor your my guide read more »

    Travis Ciempa
  • 244.
    I Will Wait For Sunset….

    I will wait for sunset, yes sunset,
    for it is then that
    all creatures return home to their beloved,
    and i too will return to the welcoming read more »

    Satarupa Rudrapal
  • 245.
    Summer Trip

    As me and my best friend load the truck,
    We leave our worries behind in Myrtle Beach
    We pass the 'Now leaving South Caroline' and the 'Now entering North Carolina' sign
    We see beaches with kids hunting fireflies read more »

    Mary Elizabeth Kamman
  • 246.
    Sunrise Sunset

    Sunrise sunset in the mood of the way
    In the colors of flame and darkish hour
    Every shine time of night and the day
    Like golden horizon of a new flower read more »

    Peter S. Quinn
  • 247.

    Just another broken man,
    His world as cold as snow,
    Staring, dazed at the sunset,
    The only color in the black and white world, read more »

    taylor baecker
  • 248.
    The City of Sunset and Sunrise Part I

    The City of Sunset

    The last sun ray touches the earth and go
    Breathings of light turn the sky into read more »

    allan macli borges
  • 249.
    Sunset Dreams

    A beautiful sunset can always
    Put your mind to rest
    The colors so extraordinary
    They are truly nature’s best read more »

    Marilyn Lott
  • 250.
    raj arumugam nonsense verse 6: clock and painting

    the clock chimed to
    the painting on
    the opposite side of the hall:
    I just struck six am, read more »

    Raj Arumugam
  • 251.

    and their she sits lookin upp at the
    sky watchin the sunset on cable
    beach the waves come
    crashin in and hits the sand read more »

    Mamber Cooper
  • 252.
    Street Song

    (dedicated to Mr. Renaud Capuçon, a talented violinist)

    cobbled read more »

    Ahmad Shiddiqi
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