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Poems About: SUNSET

In this page, poems on / about “sunset” are listed.

  • 73.

    Beyond the sunset
    Lies a splendid love…
    Sublime and wonderful –
    Lying on the horizons read more »

    lithium sunset
  • 74.

    In aquamarine ran off my warmth traversing
    mild meadows with swallows of ash
    past the pink sunset read more »

    Alan Reed
  • 75.
    ~ Latina Sunset ~

    I stand to dissect; eye of acute,
    My latina of deity sunsets to choose,

    I peruse; analyzing your body motions, read more »

    Dandy leo jr.
  • 76.
    Beyond The Sunset

    We all know of heaven
    and all know where it lies,
    beyond the sunset
    of our passing lives. read more »

    David Harris
  • 77.
    Me and My Sunset Love !

    'bye-bye my love, ' she said
    'our love aint worthy another try'
    hand in hand
    in the sunset, we stand read more »

    pada kambanji
  • 78.
    Fly Me To The Sun

    Like the bird flying high in the sunrise
    I just want to fly to you
    I just want to fly to your soul
    Into the sunset, high in the sunrise, read more »

    Mark Hopwood
  • 79.
    Sunset In the Winter

    read more »

    rosanna florio
  • 80.
    Girl In The Sunset

    Girl in the sunset
    I only saw you for a second
    Yet your voice penetrated my brain
    And echoed endlessly read more »

    Mike Casola
  • 81.
    My Lonely Sunset

    My lonely sunset

    The sun rests after its hot day,
    The tide is seeping away read more »

    Rosalita Fernandez
  • 82.
    Too Early Her Sunset

    Oh, so much of drowning regrets!
    When faced with too early a sunset
    Time seems to have been cheating
    And the Future is just disappearing. read more »

    Cynthia BuhainBaello
  • 83.

    My mindset is get there planning four days ahead
    The details and timing spinning round in my head
    One more show, the logistics… those traffic delays
    I'll spend tonight rolling and it's getting late read more »

    Robert Wynn
  • 84.
    Love's Sunset.

    I saw a sunset face
    Above a lonely beach.
    And her eyeliner
    Was the sky. read more »

    Kevin East
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