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Heavenly Sunset - Poem by Gerry Legister

Summer sunset
Drying the wet dew
From between the shivering grass
A blade of earth reopened
Morning shadows renewed
The hush of the sauntering wind
Clench consummate air in our hand
Movements of trees singing
With Restless whispering
They know secrets that are hidden
Something echoed in the wind
A force came from above the placid sky
Unrecognized message our eyes deny
The sudden shock fell silent upon our lips
Like thunder touching the leaves
A frail breeze calmly disguise
Swept souls into heavenly paradise
To see angels, old friends and even Jesus
Leaving laughter to find another sunset
Heavenly sunset sometimes your eyes are wet
With the tears of our best friends
Look through the long treasured years
Remind yourself that pain was only a light fear
And see the happiness you gave
You were the one we love
In songs and testimonies share
Your memories made us all happier
Uniting distant broken spirit
Sharing hopes and regret
The past comforting the present
Our dreams put reality back together
We embrace our lost with each other
forgiveness taught us all a lesson

Now you are gone
A new day ushered in another song
Into the heavenly sunset
To meet redemption's best
Take your wings and fly to the top
Of heavens highest mountain and look down
You will see us making plans
We will mark the last rites you took
Scattering ashes beyond the grass bank
Only a fragrance beneath the rich earth
Back to the place of your birth
But memories will live out the season
Cheered on by your angelic presence
We hold the hand of the celestial choice
Fate had made for us with forlorn tears
Finally facing up to the sum of fears
The moment we all had dreaded
When for the last time we would meet
Trying to hold back every seconds into minute
Cherishing your memory along the way
Remembering the events of each day
Wishing family in your unrepentant prayer
The sudden departure drew us all closer
To preserve love in peaceful beauty
With sunset sharing your shadow
Your soul walks over the morning dew
From where you came at birth
And found the spirit to take you gloriously
Into heavenly eternity.

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