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Poems About: SUNSHINE

In this page, poems on / about “sunshine” are listed.

  • 109.

    As I stand here staring in the sky
    with tears in my eye's
    I watch the clouds as they move and out burst this ray of sunshine
    just for you read more »

    Dominique Butler
  • 110.
    From sunshine till it rains

    Don't know if i stand a chance to be with u again..
    To be by your side & see the sunshine & the rain.

    I've got addictd so much, now i hardly care for pain.. read more »

    Menime Soul
  • 111.
    Let The Sunshine In

    Open up your heart
    and let the sunshine in.
    Think each day is filled
    with joy and happiness. read more »

    David Harris
  • 112.
    Where Is My Sunshine?

    Darkness and pain surrounds me no sunlight to guide me
    Where is my sunshine?

    I see others smiling and having fun but all I can do is watch read more »

    ciarria westmoreland
  • 113.

    Sweet, sweet
    So very sweet
    Is sandy, sweet and cute sandy
    My sandy, you are my sunshine read more »

    Rohit Sapra
  • 114.

    God asked me what do I want
    Stars or sunshine, which one do I choose
    I said, Give me a Sunshine in the day
    and a brightful stars in the night let loose read more »

    Umasree Raghunath
  • 115.

    She woke up with sunshine in her eyes
    The smile on her face was no surprise
    Dancing like a bubble full of butterflies
    The aroma in the room read more »

    Alfred Ramos
  • 116.

    my mother used to sing to me:
    you are my sunshine,
    you make me happy read more »

    Jon Edward Walker
  • 117.
    Move On

    Since you left me
    It’s been raining for so long
    Why don’t you tell me?
    What did I do wrong? read more »

    john mc cudden
  • 118.
    a Conversation and Thought

    When sunshine not appears and bright the world
    Little eagle feel empty…
    She try to helps little birds as his task
    So she feel much better read more »

    minaslune serene
  • 119.
    The Bright Sunshine

    -- The Bright SunShine --

    She came in my life just like sunshine!
    I felt just like a bird, read more »

    Abdurrahim Iftekhar
  • 120.
    The next sunshine.

    I had found the key to live longer, and that is to live every step of this life very careful, because it can be your last.
    I was thinking that whenever I got to heaven (if I go!) they going to be so jealous that I found happiness in my life, I mean I would not complain that my life was not good but I was not able to see a new sunshine on it.
    Hey! They say that when it rain and pours we can’t see the beautiful sunshine of the morning light, welcoming us to a new day, I’m here saying good bye to you my good friend, so long and I wish that you can find peace at last. read more »

    Christian K. Montiel
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