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Harare - Poem by donald kuutsi

Welcome to the zone where sleeping is not an option
and money never sleeps,
the dice never cease to roll to be in the game,
Harare, the zone 263, #04
life is too fast in the sunshine city
fast life, fast lane, with flash lights
glowing in the sunshine city but the environment can be unfriendly if you dont hustle to get what you want..sometimes the Game can be safe and unsafe@ the same time
you got to rise up and strive hard, playing it hard and safe as it is the survival of the fittest in Harare, Harare a zone where environment can be unfriendly, of course it the sunshine city, but you alone can make the dice glow and shine by yourself,
no one will help you pull your wagon of life but instead you got to pull it alone through God's will as life is n't a bed of roses,
Beautiful streets lights, but the street lights are turned on and off just like moments passing as the zone has fast lanes because life is too short,
Harare, a zone where sleeping is not an option you got to work late to keep on the lights sometimes, its the survival of the fittest in HARARE...

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