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Poems About: SWIMMING

In this page, poems on / about “swimming” are listed.

  • 13.
    Walk, Press, Swim

    Walk on, walk on
    By the Power of the Spirit of the living God
    Walk on, walk on. read more »

    Katie J. Figueroa
  • 14.
    Fishes in a Sea of Love

    happily in a sea of love little fishes of ocean blue swam
    fishes of tropical colours so beautiful and so bright
    these bright little fish love to ask questions of their mom
    fishes of tropical designs so beautiful in the light read more »

    Rachel Nichols
  • 15.
    I swam

    Today, I walked not
    but swam past wounded fish,
    That crawl on the hard waters of life.
    I swam, nonchalantly carefree; for I was drugged read more »

    Shouvik Roy
  • 16.
    I Cried Again

    The little tear that fell down my cheek
    drew an ocean to the people below
    they swam and swam untill they go tired
    then they went to the black of their homes read more »

    Kristinahh KIMBER
  • 17.
    Thoughts Of A Goldfish

    I am a goldfish; I am swimming around this bowl. It is getting dizzy.

    A goldfish I am; It is getting dizzy. Swimming around this bowl I am.
    Am I a goldfish? I am swimming around this bowl. It is getting dizzy. read more »

    C Richard Miles
  • 18.
    Time Is Dead, Killed In Meetings 6.3.2008

    I am swimming, swimming, swimming, just keep
    swimming, swimming, swimming, one word and
    one phrase at a time, though my consciousness
    experiences total lack of context and absolute read more »

    Margaret Alice
  • 19.
    Just Keep Swimming

    It is an ocean
    And it is mine
    Somewhere in its depth lies my beginning
    A love that has no end read more »

    Joline Gordon
  • 20.

    I'm a fish beneath the sea
    Swimming in these troubled waters
    And I just can't seem to breathe
    Swimming fast as I can go read more »

    M.L. Bennett
  • 21.

    I dreamed the strangest,
    twas you and I,
    inside a rubber jail,
    filled with hot water read more »

    Herbert Nehrlich 2
  • 22.

    Fishes swim merrily in aquarium
    My mind swims with them
    They give me a lot of pleasure
    Each to me a priceless gem. read more »

    Binoy Barman
  • 23.
    Gentle Creature

    Gentle creature of the seas swimming happy, swimming free
    dives into the sea with grace surfaces to show it's gentle face
    Why are people so cruel to gentle creatures like you
    You should be left to swim in peace read more »

    jenni burt
  • 24.
    She wants to swim

    She wants to swim
    I feel her pulling at my surface
    In her cage, stirring
    The waters lap to torment her chagrin read more »

    Stevie Taite
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