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Poems About: SYMPATHY

In this page, poems on / about “sympathy” are listed.

  • 217.
    The latent weight...

    Enmity diplomacy surpasses a fantasy …
    On approaching ecstasy reacts wit,
    Feelings deprived sympathy fatal feature,
    Loneliness pathology anomalous activity … read more »

    Gioom Galen
  • 218.
    Whisk My Soul Away

    This pain,
    My pain,
    Falls down upon the city,
    In sheets of rain. read more »

    Hikari Sonzaku
  • 219.
    Shed New Light

    Shed new light on this earth
    Prove all your talents and worth
    And tell how much you can show
    Your kindness and love and sympathy in woe read more »

    Seema Chowdhury
  • 220.
    A Brief Sojourn

    We are sent in this world to temporary stay
    For we all will die one by one, one day
    So why not we enjoy this little time
    That is given to us to sing life's rhyme read more »

    Seema Chowdhury
  • 221.
    You Lied To Me

    You lied to me
    I thought that you were my friend
    I will not be there
    When you get to the end read more »

    Ronell Warren Alman
  • 222.

    I sometimes wonder why I was made
    Though I was a child, friend, or even a dear person to someone
    I sometimes feel out of place, misfit
    Never understood or only appreciated when convenient read more »

    Joy Lovelet Crawford
  • 223.
    When You Are Running Through The Streets

    When you are running through the streets
    There is no hope for you
    You have got to pick yourself up
    Isn't there something better for you to do read more »

    Ronell Warren Alman
  • 224.
    Lovely Taj

    Oh! Lovely Taj,
    This is where you stood once,
    Beaming with pride,
    Your beauty you cannot hide read more »

    Reshma Ramesh
  • 225.

    Listening to the love songs on the radio
    I stare at the little blade of cheap metal
    It can do so much damage
    My scars you can see read more »

    Angel Smith
  • 226.

    She told us she'd be ok
    Don't worry
    I believed her read more »

    Kristine Harper
  • 227.
    The Witches Are Laughing At Us Now, I Know It

    The vampire kids all turned each other to vampires
    The zombie kids walk around depressed
    While the vampire kids take their anger out on them
    And each other read more »

    Dan Walters
  • 228.
    Dismemberment as Political Statement

    When you
    cut off
    that poor
    man's read more »

    Christopher Gore
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