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Poems About: SYMPATHY

In this page, poems on / about “sympathy” are listed.

  • 229.
    wooing summer

    because you are lonely
    you woo for summer to come
    you ask for the swing
    and the breeze by the sea read more »

  • 230.

    Eternity’s portrait in motion
    God’s mural in motion read more »

    Guillermo Veloso
  • 231.
    Little Stone

    Poor little stone
    sat there so alone
    No-one listens to your pain
    They dont care that you're stuck out in the rain read more »

    Rachel BaByBeAr Anderson
  • 232.

    Bandaging the wrist of the hand
    that cries foul plays mind-games
    look at me it says with a white
    flag emblazoned – you can’t miss read more »

    Ivan Donn Carswell
  • 233.

    deep, deeper
    into a myriad of memories;
    into the archives of the minds tomes; read more »

    john o'connell
  • 234.
    Broken Heart

    Wasted My Time All On You
    Making Me Feel Really Blue
    Realising That You Hurt Me
    Just So Everyone Can See read more »

    Georgina Ashton
  • 235.

    The syllables of spasms and the sympathy of wisdom,
    And for all that looks beautiful!
    Oh the wonder of love is so big to catch,
    And to devoid the usual ubiquitous act. read more »

    Edward Kofi Louis
  • 236.

    RISING and setting suns of Liberty—
    Mountainous exploits and the wrecks thick strewn
    By stormy Passion o’er Life’s treacherous sea, read more »

    Charles Harpur
  • 237.
    Who Am I?

    Do you see the real me?
    I don't think anyone can,
    and I've been striving
    to speak up. read more »

    Felicity Slaughter
  • 238.
    One Summer Night

    Teardrops wasted
    Unfelt mouth water overflowing
    Silent noise of the cry
    The blanket now damp read more »

    John Michael Elritz Gallo
  • 239.
    Thy I woo for thee

    read more »

    Jennifer Helton
  • 240.
    Untitled 4

    Struggle to evade misery, hoplessness pervades history,
    Years disbursed pursuing ruins devised of bursts,
    Perched, back against wall, no sympathy for me at all,
    gazing down the custom barrel, extensively fulfilled the peril, read more »

    Forrest Garside
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