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  • 37.
    Virtues That Pay

    You argue — as sympathy governs your bias —
    That Wisdom distributes the capon and crust,
    Indulging the sinful, and stinting the pious,
    Or starving the wicked, and fattening the just.
    You are wrong to the Evil One; hear what I say
    There are ruinous virtues, and virtues that pay.

    If your purpose be saving your soul and your bacon —
    Fruition forthwith, and a sweet by-and-bye;
    If your definite project stand clear and unshaken
    A fatman on earth, and a seraph on high
    In working this out let it still be your lay
    There are ruinous virtues, and virtues that pay.

    Such virtues are not of the workshop or cloister:
    They test every act by the way it pans out;
    They prompt you to seize on the world as your oyster,
    Inserting our knife with a spirit devout.
    For strait is the portal, and narrow the way
    Representing the route of the virtues that pay.

    Men as good as yourself, or most probably better,
    Have gone to the rear, after many a try —
    A permanent wage-slave, a usurers' debtor
    Reduced to the motto of 'Root, hog or die,'
    But their handicap dates from an earlier day,
    When they failed in espousals of virtues that pay.

    There is nothing outre in the man with the bluey;
    He started, like you, for a goal undisclosed
    But never in life can he come within coo-ee —
    Though he may reach a goal, (with the vowels transposed)
    And a similar Sheol gapes fair in your way,
    If you turn out deficient in virtues that pay.

    You must race, like St. Paul —you must race for the dollar —
    No pause of compunction must ever intrude:
    You must watch, you must pray, never missing a collar
    The course is severe, and the company good.
    You must reverence the Thrift-God, and earnestly pray
    To be grounded and built up in virtues that pay.

    By this means you will serve the Almighty and Mammon,
    And die in a state of salvation and wealth;
    When the clergy, without a suggestion of gammon,
    Will furnish your soul with a clean bill of health.
    So you'll sweep through the gates in your spotless array
    A shining example of Virtues that pay. read more »

  • 38.


    Rune of passion the expanse of the mystery
    The gleam of desire raves up with eyes blue read more »

  • 39.
    I'll cry no tears

    I'll cry no tears of sympathy,
    I'll cry no tears of joy.
    For what you've lost,
    For what you've gained, read more »

  • 40.
    The butterfly obtains

    The butterfly obtains
    But little sympathy
    Though favorably mentioned read more »

  • 41.

    Until you die
    I would cry
    tears of happiness
    not of sympathy read more »

  • 42.
    Feelings and Insanity

    my feelings are driving me insane
    no matter who they are toward
    they wanna make me end it
    pain, hate, love, sympathy read more »

  • 43.
    The Witches Are Laughing At Us Now, I Know It

    The vampire kids all turned each other to vampires
    The zombie kids walk around depressed
    While the vampire kids take their anger out on them
    And each other read more »

  • 44.
    Some they avoided a poor ant's funeral

    No drums, no marching and no bugles,
    Not much crowd as expected
    Only few relatives behind the anthill.
    The President of ants has sent a deepest sympathy read more »

  • 45.
    RIDDANCE 2007

    It came toward me down at wing and heel,
    dirty and unkempt, mumbling incoherently.
    Instinctively I reached into my pocket for some coins.
    It read my action saying, 'I don't deserve your sympathy, read more »

  • 46.
    Irksome Passion

    Does it irk one that poets
    who think real poetry
    consists almost solely
    of exclamation points read more »

  • 47.
    And She Is Left To Face The End Alone

    She's lost the dearest love she has ever known
    And now she has to face the end alone
    Her only daughter's ashes gone to sea
    But of others she doesn't need their sympathy. read more »

  • 48.
    upon hearing that a lawyer dies of tongue cancer

    i sent my sympathies
    and notes of condolences
    some flowers and
    a big wreath for the read more »

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