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My School - Poem by Dr.Balnarayana Bandam

My School
Oh when you stepped in
I hope you were a toddler
And learning to walk and talk with stuttering speech
Your physic was weak, and brain blank
With confusion on face and fear in mind
Tearful eyes running nose thirsty tongue, subdued tone
Wishful to have, mummy beside,
Day after day that was not the ray,
Could find colleagues around, and friends surround,
Have come to know teachers are good,
Learnt the letters, words, and wonders,
Have found to learn little by little every day,
You said, have finished the total book by summer start,
A day came where a friend you was not seen for fifteen days,
He a genius, in studies, social to find and friend of all
You took it to the notice of known teacher,
Teacher went to the house, and found his pupil there,
Parents said they can’t send the child for possession of poverty,
And can keep him as servant with a rich person,
Teacher said you may poor, but child is rich in our school,
With regular study, hard work, and talent he is the gem of the school,
Took the burden of helping the poor pupil,
Next day the teacher revealed the fact to all of you,
All the mates of the class cancelled their birth day function,
There after and gifted to the genius as a sort of support,
The boy became still more genius and stood rank in the final,
It was a glory to the school and to the friends he had,
Who made the UN cut jewel to a shining precious?
This will be honored by one and all at all places and all times,
So dear pupil stand straight and wait for, till you are picked up,
No school leaves you with dents left, but makes you worth
So often I hear the students say my school,
Because it guides and leads him more than his mother and father,
And sends him out as scholar to shine and survive in the society,
As such schools are temples and teachers the divine

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