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Poems About: TEACHER

In this page, poems on / about “teacher” are listed.

  • 97.
    Sonnet: A Teacher

    I loved to be a Medical-Teacher;
    My Teacher Father was my role model;
    His scholarliness was his great feature;
    His greatness words can never truly tell. read more »

    Dr John Celes
  • 98.
    In memory of a great teacher

    I know not of a man better than him
    a man of morals and purity
    my best teacher and example in life
    I love him more than myself read more »

    Rehab Helmy
  • 99.
    No Teacher, Please

    Teacher, teacher, teacher,
    you don’t be a preacher,
    and never be a searcher,
    I will become researcher, read more »

    hasmukh amathalal
  • 100.
    My English Teacher

    At the grade three
    A new teacher came
    Around her table
    A queue we were all in read more »

    Udaya R. Tennakoon
  • 101.
    Nasrudin's donkeys

    it’s graduation day
    and the teacher gives awards
    to each: read more »

    Raj Arumugam
  • 102.
    To The Teacher

    To the teacher who said I can’t do that.
    To the one who said I shouldn’t do that.
    To the teacher who said I could do anything.
    To the one who said I should do something. read more »

    Elena Plotkin
  • 103.
    Sonnet: Students’ Duty to Teachers...

    Most teachers share knowledge with students all,
    And help them learn the things they ought in life,
    And train and groom them for the exam-hall,
    And eke a livelihood, avoiding strife. read more »

    Dr John Celes
  • 104.
    My History Teacher

    My ice cold blood
    [you're not a warm-blooded creature]
    Your ice cold stare
    Is my HISTORY TEACHER read more »

    Gabriella Franco
  • 105.
    Teacher's Day 2012

    Just once a year comes Teacher's Day,
    For students to celebrate it;
    Show respect, gratitude some way;
    As teachers who always befit! read more »

    Dr John Celes
  • 106.
    Honored To Teacher Salah

    In the hands of a gifted teacher
    a classroom is a magical place
    in the hands of a gifted teacher
    There is a smile on each child's face read more »

    Aya Abbas
  • 107.
    Teachers Affect Eternity

    Tolerant, supportive and sympathetic teachers are the best
    While most seem ideal, some shouldn't teach at all.
    Great teachers find their work fruitful and rewarding
    As they pass on their knowledge with love as their call. read more »

    Tom Zart
  • 108.
    Poetry For Children: Happy Teachers' Day!

    Happy Teachers’ Day
    God is always very busy,
    He has lots work to do;
    So, He created Teachers, read more »

    Roann Mendriq
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