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+ Last Of The Modern Hermit - Poem by Jordan Legaspi

Last of the modern Hermit

I was baptized in a Christian name:
In the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

And I was confirmed of the faith to Christ Jesus:
Believing in God the Alpha and the Omega
Trusting in God and the promise of eternal life
Loving God above all things and loving my neighbor as my self for love of God.

And I became a member of the body of Christ:
Who desires wisdom of things related to God;
Who empowers my will in understanding the deeper meaning of my faith;
Who with knowledge I could see everything around me with compassion
and be enlighten to understand better my religion;
Who in my thoughts, words, actions, choices and decisions be pleasing to God;
Who with courage and boldness to preach and live the examples of Jesus;
Who accepts and respects my brothers and sisters as children of God
and fills with a cheerful heart to do good deeds and with joy in reaching out to them;
Who by instinct to avoid the danger of reason and everything that could lead to sin.

And I was called to be a disciple of the Church guided by the law
and nurture by love to be matured in faith.

And the teacher of the law had taught me

'Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind'.

Confronted by the eye of the teacher from whence the spirit of the world has seen the strength of my head
and the weakness of my heart.

I was then exposed to the truth –the truth about the first day and the first night of everything-
about the external and the internal of all creature:
It is like the virgin of beauty but rape by her own innocence;
It is like the gentleman whose hands toiled the land but consumed by the poverty of his heart;
It is like the reason and the cleverness of ‘man’ that had brought death.

Love the Lord your God:
The God who planted the tree of life;
The God who sees what’s hidden in the heart of ‘man; ’
The God who authored everything- the intelligence beyond human comprehension.

Son it is good therefore for you to remain in the hands of God:
In your heart be like a little child;
In your soul be the greatest among all in the service of others;
In your mind be cautious like a snake and be gentle like a dove.

Then the teacher of the law whom power
and authority had given him starts vomiting language of the angels, saying

'Love your neighbor as you love your self'.

Like a sword that strikes the righteous and kills the wicked:
The womb that give birth of the tomb;
The seed planted in the barren soil that cannot see the light;
The altar that defile the holy one of God.

While I give ear to what the teacher had said
Inside of me bleeds for the sword had reach my heart and wounded my soul
from the incredulity,
from the heresy;
from the schism,
from the religious mediocrity.

Love you neighbor:
It is like giving what you have and taking only what you need;
It is like talking to someone about life and listening what the others had to say on how to live;
It is like going to a journey and leaving the dust less to over burden the caravan.

Son it is therefore wise to be neighbor to your self and be at your self in relating to your neighbor.

Remember give what belongs to Caesar and give what belongs to God.

Then the teacher together with 'them' he and she of different names:
And of different fame's on with the masters of letters;
And the scholars of books in communion with the great thinkers of the world;
And interpreter of what is Divine:
in companion with the distinguished people who knew the movement of the heavens;
in proclaiming 'their' religion founded from the ancient of times;
in history had built the very foundation of the law of the earth; saying

'Be holy as your God in heaven is Holy'

Upon hearing it, I was taken into oblivion of the details of the law –alas, doubt slowly overtook my heart:
It is like the wood brought to sentence Jesus the Christ;
It is like the water made impure by the hands of men and offered to Jesus the Christ to drink;
It is like the metal that wounded the flesh of Jesus the Christ; Son

'Be holy as your God in heaven is Holy'

Take your own cross and clime the mountain of God and follow Him
Take the cup and drink from it in memory of Him who purify the water and change it into wine the color of His blood and remember 'All who take the sword will die by the sword'

Then the teacher spoke of words that had troubled my head…

Silence! Had embraced my dominion –death is then my refuge:
For I was baptized to love, but I denounced my faith –the power of the gods overtook me;
For I was confirmed to the faith, but I condemned my God –the influence of reason blinded me;
For I was shaped to trust, but doubted His good news –the pleasure of life harden my heart.

Then the teacher spoke of words that had troubled my heart…

Silence! Had hallowed my countenance…
For I was then lost but now found;
For I was then broken but now put together;
For I was then dead but now alive again.

Then the teacher spoke of words that had troubled my soul…
For I am the Father’s Son;
For I am the Son’s brother;
For I am the Spirit’s ambassador.

And silence forever! The heaven has found its lost one:
Adam has entered Eden ones again;
Eve has embraced the her children ones again;
And Eden ones again the footstall of Heaven, the door of Paradise, the Pillar of God’s.

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