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  • 121.
    Bad Luck

    Searching for the right words tonight,
    By the television,
    By the campfire- The coyotes up to their
    Sleep-walking tricks,
    And me up to my own too,
    Like tawny black boys out in the sugar cane,
    Smoking Cubans,
    Waiting for her ankle - Trying to find her out,
    To spy on through the knot hole in the fence
    As she shampoos in something early,

    To drink this prescribed auburn liquor
    and say a sad testimonial to my
    Grandfather, but I wasn’t there:
    My sister was there and her new husband
    So free of scars and unnecessary words resulting from,
    And somewhere in the country they are playing a night
    Game, and the boys are randy and they stink of the

    But swing the bat, Johnny.
    The dirty ball’s arc over swing sets and trailer parks-
    The scabby coyotes moon long-tongue through
    The green copper-fields

    Johnny and his cool gang
    running around half naked on the dusty diamond;
    And the teeth are yellow when once they used to be
    Beautiful, and their cars used to be beautiful,
    And my words;
    Or my dreams used to be beautiful,
    And I could turn off the radio when I was driving past
    World famous amusements and listen to my dreams sweat in that
    Darling humidity, because I was going up to meet her,
    Because I had a chance,
    But I blew it- The same old tragedy, the knife in the ice-chest
    Beside the fluting copper eel;

    And I could cry tonight underneath the bleachers looking up
    The skirt of the universe,
    That it is beautiful and see how I try to polish a dictionary
    To mirror its perfect scars,
    But I am neither a debutant nor sommelier:
    I don’t know how to taste without swallowing:
    Afflicted by loneliness, my
    Existence lies further out than anything you could possibly
    The aphorisms of the ostracized middle class,

    And I can only give it little impossible sacrifices that no one
    Cares about:

    I can resurrect my childhood and stand with it on the easement
    Skipping concealed shadows down into the canal,
    And spit slang at blue gills and alligators,
    And put black cats in the creases to see how fast I can throw
    The awful luck,
    What I have made of myself across the teal bodies of
    Torpid slumber to disappear around the knees of the pines
    And red holly on the other side,
    To say, why am I here if I can’t share my sorrow with my

    When even those two don’t know each other it’s
    Going to be a strange weekend,

    And what I have will never be looked for to be found,
    But in the morning the novel spit of dew,
    The dripping fags surveyed by cerulean dragon flies,
    And red blistering of industrious fire-ant mounds,
    The repopulations of great cities overnight through the
    Suburban jungle,
    Who never think to look up at the greater thing and say
    Now what is this,
    Even as this shadow falls upon them like a monolithic body
    Floating festooned through the dislocated movements
    Of the ever present void. read more »

  • 122.

    I feel myself going angry
    Out of control again
    I have to learn to relax
    And be less angry read more »

  • 123.

    Sudden blackness overwhelms
    when we are dying or when we
    have lived as surrogates in realms
    where television makes us free, read more »

  • 124.
    mystic chord

    Memory, whose mystic chord
    suggests existence of the Lord,
    draws some to Gustav's music, Mahler,
    many others to Kabbalah, read more »

  • 125.
    Alternating Time-Scales

    alternating time-scales
    impose creeping ultra realities
    upon narcotic selected dreams
    socially construed realities read more »

  • 126.
    Tahrir Square Shrouded In Smoke Teargas Clouds

    in immediate
    protest response
    to Mubarak’s
    awaited late-night read more »

  • 127.

    read more »

  • 128.

    television paly

    sex song read more »

  • 129.
    Fairytales Are Alive And Well In Tales Like These

    A young man with magic abilities
    resurrecting people from death
    brought back his childhood
    sweetheart read more »

  • 130.
    This damn television

    (This is a fictional poem)

    I hate this damn television that my wife just bought.
    When I ask people if I'm intelligent, they say I'm not. read more »

  • 131.
    Charlie Rose Has a Chuckle

    Being almost television addiction free
    Even the Conventions I limited
    To the speeches of Obama and McCain
    There is the exception of the Charlie Rose show read more »

  • 132.
    The Poet Comes and Recites an Immortal Poem

    Many days
    Do not read any newspaper
    Even I do not see television read more »

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