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In this page, poems on / about “television” are listed.

  • 229.
    Solar Storm Blues

    No television today to see
    Cell phones are out so we cant speak
    Computers scramble and fade to black
    Storms are raging in a star filled sky read more »

    Candy Transcends
  • 230.

    i feel like this is the most important moment in my young life
    though watching through a television screen; i see a man, so humble
    let's us know that martin king was our jesus, crucified; and partioned our way so that we may have a great man lead us
    so gracious and beautiful a man, that tears trmble down my cheek read more »

    alysha renee'
  • 231.
    Reflection of Reality

    Flat screen televisions intensify the
    image in high definition to satisfy
    the minds of Ritalin children who once
    were partial to the penwork of poets read more »

    Ferdinando Paparella
  • 232.
    Long Time Ago, I Can Hardly Remember

    I have a vague memory of chiledhood
    Fond though.
    A Lincoln Towncar and a Baby Grand piano.
    An old book, near a century old, read more »

    Dan Walters
  • 233.
    Saturday Mornings

    Wake it up it's 7a.m and ya know
    get the milk fill the bowl with cereal
    get the remote and turn on the television
    first channel I see is channel 11 read more »

    How Anonymous
  • 234.
    5: 21 am

    Up late...
    My parents are a sleep
    Nightmares left along with dreams
    There's nothing left to see read more »

    O.S. Brooks
  • 235.
    True Beauty

    In magazines, television, and internet,
    Women are portrayed as objects,
    And are presented as if they are worth nothing,
    If they don't show their bodies to the world, read more »

    Lydia Etzler
  • 236.
    Zeroes and Ones

    Zeroes and ones, zeroes and ones,
    We rely too heavily on zeroes and ones,
    This poem was made with zeroes and ones,
    The radio is broadcast with zeroes and ones, read more »

    Sam Fitts
  • 237.
    Travis The Terrible

    This is an adorable little creature called Travis The Terrible
    It lives in toys, trees, towers, and transformers
    A Travis eats toads, trampolines, tornados and tomatoes
    It likes trucks, ticks, tortillas, and tests read more »

    Jasmine Robert
  • 238.
    How to Unwind

    Change out of those blue jeans
    Into your favorite sweatpants
    Plop down into your spot read more »

    Danny Taylor
  • 239.
    Is it Progress?

    Technical advances stopped in their tracks
    Hiding the scars
    Slowing life to a crawl
    Electricity flickers and dies read more »

    Gordon D Wilkinson
  • 240.

    The bedroom light is still on
    Music is still playing
    Clothes litter the floor in protest
    A ceiling fan awaits command read more »

    O.S. Brooks
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