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Rainbow Tale (A Novel) Chapter Four - Poem by Z.I. Mahmud

Chapter Four The Party
Elizabeth shouted when she saw many ants heading towards Edward's room. How come this long trail of ants come here! Then she called me and Edward immediately while aunt Molly was busy in yoga session.We came to the spot at once and found Elizabeth in angry mood. 'What happened? Why are we called? ' I asked Elizabeth. 'Did you see this chocolate bar in my hand? And I hope you can see the long trail of ants.' Yes! But how come and who could have done this! ' 'You're asking me! Or I will ask you Bill and Edward! Come, speak the truth.' I took a long deep breath and said, 'I didn't ate chocolates.' Edward said, 'I didn't steal any chocolate from Aunt Molly's luggage.' 'But Dear, Aunt Molly didn't bring any chocolates.' 'Both of you are playing tricks with me. So boys please take those mopping brushes and broom to remove those ants away. Make sure to clean the whole floor.' Now, I understood Edward was hiding that chocolate bar last day which I had brought. After the completion of the task that Elizabeth instructed for us to do, we were called by Aunt in the hall. I could understand her motive and said within myself, 'Today aunt Molly is going to open her luggage and present our gifts' Soon after that each one of us was received a small bag. 'If the bag contains Japan's gadgets' I wondered. As the gifts were opened, we were very delighted with our gifts. My gift was a scientific calculator, watch and an I Pad. Edward got a Karatee dress, chopsticks. And Elizabeth told Aunt to give her carpets and curtains. ' Thank you very much Auntie! Gifts are wonderful.' 'You're welcome kids.'
All of decided to celebrate the day with something called 'PARTY'. Aunt Molly was the first one to whisper such thing. Then I admitted to throw a party this year to enjoy and to celebrate the exams end and Aunt Molly's arrival. Then Elizabeth and Edward were alright to hear about Aunt Molly's arrival. And it became acceptable to Elizabeth. When suddenly Elizabeth whispered 'But! '
We all said, 'But what! ' 'It will be a party only then when you all and the guests accept the rules and the regulations.' 'We must all remember to keep the party safe, give responsibilities and know when to call it quits.' I ran to the telephone booth of our house. I made a call to the Star Restaurant Manager and Chinese Restaurant Manager.
'Hello Sir! ' 'Is it Star Restaurant? ' 'Yes. How can we help you? ' 'We're giving a teen party at our home and we need many food items. Please note down my address and send me fourty mini burgers, cheese truffles, custard, pizza dip and chocolate fondue and last of all fourty cans of cold drinks.''Okay, we're at your service.''Let me know the bill Sir so that I can pay you with credit card.' 'Well, its nearly five thousands dollars.' 'Okay, Thanks. I'll pay online.' 'Most Welcome.'
'Hello Sir! ' 'Is it Chinese Restaurant? ' 'Yes, it is. Are you Bill? ' 'How strange! How the manager came to know my name! How is it possible! Did uncle Robin Chang told about me to everyone! No, it can't be. ' I wondered and wondered. At last, I took a deep breath and said, 'Yes it is! ' 'Hello Bill, I'm Robin Chang.' 'O Hello! Uncle. I needed to order from your restaurant since we are throwing a party. We need Chinese cuisine and it's a teen party.' 'Fine, then tell me the names of the items.' 'fourty packets and two large dishes of spring rolls, fried rice and chicken and noodles.' 'Okay, Thanks for your order, Bill' 'Thank You, Uncle Change.' 'We will deliver your orders very soon' 'Okay, I'll play online' 'Bye'
After giving orders, I went to my room and sat on the PC. 'I hope my card balance is alright' I checked my card balance and luckily it was beyond my expectation. I ran into the kitchen and I found Elizabeth and Aunt Molly preparing home made foods for the party. When Aunt noticed me, she whispered to check the guest list and I gave a hint to her which she easily understood that it was fourty. 'This time no partiality Bill. You need to invite your all classmates and friends.' 'Okay, Auntie, I'm calling them.' I heard her telling me, 'Make sure to tell the the party theme and the right time of arrival and departure.' After entering my room, I saw Edward there. He was making his guest list and he had invited almost ten people. And I had invited twenty friends including classmates-good or bad. As I thought within myself this time Jack, Jill and their girl friend Crimson should be invited as well. Aunt Molly came to my room, 'Bill, I have invited some of my friends who are staying at New York City. Do invite your elder friends if you have.' 'That's fine Aunt Molly and thanks for the kind information.' 'Don't worry about the foods, I have already ordered for fourty people.' 'Well done! That must be for your friends and you. Elizabeth is busy preparing foods for our friends.' 'Remember, teens will only have cold drinks and no alcoholic drink.' I paused for a sec and said, 'Yes, I have ordered only cold drinks.' 'Good boy! ' said Aunt Molly.
It was almost afternoon and I had already sent invitation cards through mail. Then I have called one by one. 'Hello! Ben' 'Hi! Bill' 'What's up? ' 'Hey! I'm throwing a party at my home.' 'A party! ' 'Yes, you are invited Ben! Arrival time is six o'clock and departure time is nine o'clock.' 'WOW! Seems to be great party! ' 'Okay, Bye! See you then at the 'PARTY' 'Hey Wait! Whats the party theme? ' 'Twilight Party Theme' You mean, 'Sunglasses, black t shirts, jeans and head surfs.' 'You've guessed it right! ' 'Great'
I tried call Westwood but the phone was disconnected. Then after ten minutes it got connected. 'Hello! Westwood. How're you? ' 'I'm fine. Yesterday night I studied a lot.' 'Will you come to attend my party? ' 'What! Party! ' Edward was surprised as usual.'The party theme is Twilight' 'Okay! I'll come. Mom is not at home today. She has gone to Florida and will return soon after few days.' 'Are you alone at home? ' 'No, Spring is with me.' 'Then do bring Spring with you' 'Okay, Bye.'
After that I had called Jack and Jill. 'Hello! Is Jack at home? ' 'Yes! You've got the right person on phone! 'What happened with you, pinky face? ' 'Jack, listen, I'm throwing a party at my home and you and all your friends have been invited to attend'. 'Is it so! I know then it'll be a boaring party.'The party theme is Twilight.' 'Well then, we are from the warwolves side.' 'Fine, we're vampires side'. 'Bye Pinkish Face See you soon! '
The foods were soon brought by the delivery men. It was 2: 30 pm then. Elizabeth and Aunt Molly were ready with their dishes and their arrangement. Nice aroma was coming from all those dishes. I could see Elizabeth cooking prawns and fried rice, burgers and other snacks. Beside that aunt Molly had prepared her special homemade strawberry short cakes, vanilla and chocolates and ice creams. Five very large tables laid in the very large courtyard field of our house. The table clothes and dishes were soon laid on the table. Suddenly, I saw Ben coming from the main gate. 'Hey Ben! You've come so early' 'Yes, Bill, I decided to help you guys out to make the party wonderful so that guests will never forget! ' 'That's good! Thank You, my friend! '
In the mean time, me, Ben, Edward and Aunt Molly were busy with the decorations of the party. 'Let us go and place order to the decoration shop. I said to Aunt Molly and others.' Aunt Molly said, 'Okay, Take your friend with you.' 'Thanks, Auntie.' I went to the garage and took my car out from there. Then I drove with Ben to the Fancy Decorative Shop. Ben started to talk with the manager of that shop. 'Hello! Sir' 'Hello boy! ' We need ballons, party crackers and cracker bombs and some decorative posters' 'Okay! ' Then he called his employee Ball, a boy of fourteen years of age with sore eyes and dull black hair and thin body. Ball packed all those party pieces. Ben once visited this shop before. And he whispered into my ears, 'This boy is a very hardworking boy. He is studying and as well as doing part time jobs. Sometimes I've seen him to deliver newspapers.' 'Work is work and one has to experience at an age of being a teenager the value of work and earnings.' 'Life is very hard', Bill and Ben said Ball. Then we asked the manger of the shop to give permission to Ball to attend our party. 'Well, Ball. Would you like to go to the party? said Ben' 'Yes! I would! ' He accepted the invittion with a smiling face. Then we said, 'Good bye' to the shopkeeper and the boy. And made our way to home.
The colourful balloons were tied with decorative ribbons and festoons in every pillar and corner of the house. The gates and the house doors were the main entrances which were decorated with red and white rose flowers, balloons, party strings and the whole house was made like a Disney Land. Some entertainers were there. Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry and Harry Potters disguised entertainers came. The large and greenish and yellowish trees were decorated with simple yellow lamps and lights to provide lightness and remove the darkness at night. The tables, chairs and panel were fixed in the garden. The front desk was set soon. And it became four O'clock at last.
The guests soon arrived and each of them was looking like Twilight's heroes. Really the party looked awesome and the guests made it more interesting by wearing the party costumes. It seemed like Vampires, Fairies, Warewolves of the wonderland. Ben, Westwood and I stayed together all the time and now as well. Westwood's sister, Spring was there with him this time. Spring was a nice girl with fair eyes, hair falling down on her eyes and her eyes were glimpse of beauty. Sometimes her eyes appeared and shone faintly. However, she was looking good. My interest and joy lost in the party when I saw Jack and Jill-their warvolves team facing at us with their neglecting mode. But I was determined not to take my revenge today and spoil my mode. Jack and Jill went upto the up stairs to see something. I saw Crimson following them. 'I'm sure they're going to create some problems. Let's check out Bill'. Ben said to me. We secretly followed them. Suddenly, I found them whispering in the terrace of my house. We could not listen to their whispering but soon Westwood discovered something. 'What happened Westwood? '. 'Did you guys buy crackers? ' 'Yes, we did. But we didn't opened them yet because we planned to burst those at night. And its late evening now almost dinner time.' Then I immediately remembers something. 'Hey Bill', I whispered. 'What about Ball? ' 'Let's go and search for him.' We went and searched through the whole house and finally saw Ball entering the party venue. Though he was late but we welcomed him as our guest. Then I introduced him to Aunt Molly and Elizabeth who were talking with their friends at that time. 'Hello! Ball! Bill told me everything about you! You're a good boy and welcome to the party.' 'Thank you, mam.' 'Bill take him to the teen party place.' 'Okay, Auntie.' Westwood and Spring introduced their selves to Ball and suddenly Ball said, 'Hey! I can smell something burning! Did you guys blow any crackers' 'I know who could have done all this. Its the warewolves team.' We, the vampire team consisted of ten friends. And the warewolves team consisted of other ten. Though they were stronger then us but we decided to face the challenge. Ben, Westwood, Spring and others made an operation while I went to the hall and saw the entertainers were false people. They were actually Jack and Jill's friends. 'O My God! Jack and his team has captured the vampire zone and the more dangerous fact is that they have known our secrets.' 'Our bombs and crackers were our only plan to make them scared.' ' But now what we do? ' Then at this tensed moment, Ball suggested an idea. 'What a cool idea it is! Ball', said all of us. Ball and I brought all the party sprays and glues. 'Ball was our new friend and Jack and Jill were unaware of him. So Ball went and mixed with their team by wearing mask and warevolves costume. After that Ball took as much crackers and party bombs possible and at last he took a handful. He came outsaide and we all together gathered in the green garden venue. There we talked each other and suggested our plans. At last, Ball told us the warewolves plan and we succeeded in defeating them. Their plan was to make us scared by bursting crackers. And we realized that our plan was the same. We started playing hide and seek from them and got them trapped. They went into the elders venue when they were caught and their crackers soon seized by them because the dinner time soon came. It was 8: 30 pm and we all have had our dinner. Everyone ate to their heart content. But I and Ball and Ben were left. We had the energy to move and run. Then we burst those crackers and scared the warewolves team.
The party ended at 9 o'clock after the return gifts were given. Everyone really enjoyed the party very much. We expressed our heartfelt gratitude to our guests and they departed for their home. Ball was dropped by Ben. And I as usual went to sleep dreaming sweet dreams but again there was one thing which disturbed me very much. It was related to that mysterious letter which I need to know about its secrets early in the morning.

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