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Warrior - Poem by Marie Melodie

There weak.
Every single one.
They let fear, make them weak.
That is so very wrong.
I, who am constently living fear.
Am stronger then them.
For they have fear of each other,
while i only fear for what is to come.

They wont forget the past,
there still living in it.
I, who refuses to live in it with them,
instead goes on with the past following.
They put on a mask, of a tiger.
Thinking there the warrior.
There not, because i am.
I dont need a mask, for i am the tiger.

While they think, before the act.
I act without a thought.
While they come up with a game plan.
I sit back and watch.
For i dont need a plan,
All i need is my hope and my thoughts.
My honesty most of all.
Something they have all forgot.

While others sit back and pick a side.
I refuse to pick a side other then my own.
Because i dont believe in either.
I believe in myself and whats right.
What they're doing is wrong,
and leaves us nothing but pain.
I will be the one to end the pain.

I will be the warrior. The tiger. The savior.

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