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Poems About: TIGER

In this page, poems on / about “tiger” are listed.

  • 349.
    A Pet Tiger

    A Pet Tiger

    a pet was tortured
    like a slave of the starving king read more »

    juahta sitepu
  • 350.
    Sleep baby sleep within this magical lullaby deep

    Sleep baby sleep within this magical lullaby deep
    Constellations North pole star is waiting so is your Hippogriff
    Tonight fly to where Minotaurs, hobbits and dwarfs tree skip
    and Silent Satyr's paint dreams all over moonlit coral reef. read more »

    karan baadkar
  • 351.
    The Worthless

    Swimming across a river-edge,
    a tiger came to a village;
    a burning fire-bright tiger;
    whichever house he visit read more »

    Rayhan Rhyne
  • 352.
    The Other

    Who is this that
    Holds the pen, giving shape
    To words, and color to sound?
    I have seen him before, read more »

    Jeffrey McCambridge
  • 353.
    Couch The Comfort

    Couch the comfort and bite the pain
    Everybody play insane
    There’s chaos at the zoo
    Wild wild tigers come for you read more »

    Judd David
  • 354.

    I have learned not to tie down the waterfall..
    Or, blow my feeble breath
    across the raging sea.
    I have learned to let my life flow-- read more »

    Judith Durnbaugh
  • 355.
    Sonnet: God Improves Things

    At last, the day has come for the accursed,
    When shift they must, their trade to newer site;
    This place is free from all its troubles nursed,
    And swiftly God improves the people’s plight. read more »

    Dr John Celes
  • 356.
    The Most Dangerous Beast!

    The beast has the fangs of a Werewolf
    The claws of a tiger.
    It never rests, day or night
    Once it scents it prey read more »

    Khadim Hussain
  • 357.
    Johnny’s Safari

    Animal crackers wait to be released
    While Johnny’s appetite is increased
    With small hands, he reaches inside
    Hunting for a tasty tiger that resides read more »

    Theresa Ann Moore
  • 358.
    A Tribute to S.P.T

    The daring soul
    Born to be born in death
    A hundred deaths he shall endure
    Only to be born again as martyr read more »

    cyclopseven Ram
  • 359.
    My Child

    My child, my child,
    My beautiful child
    You are beautiful
    because you are a child. read more »

    Fred Babbin
  • 360.
    Obasinjom Warrior - (for Bate Besong)

    Two-legged brain, transcendental transcriber
    Contiguous of earth, monsieur read more »

    Dzekashu Macviban
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