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From A Happening At The Bayswater - Poem by Francis Duggan

Were I a bard or storyteller some great stories I could tell
Of the happenings at Bayswater in the Bayswater Hotel
You don't have to buy a ticket if you want to watch a fight
Just call to Hotel Bayswater there's one there most every night.

If you hate the sight of brawling Basy pub is not for you
Fellows disagree and fight there beat each other black and blue
They don't fight in there for purses not one half penny at stake
They just fight for love of fighting just for fight and fighting sake.

Last week's big fight was a ripper it turned out a super show
Hugh Murdoch and Jim 'Tiger' Ellis slugged it out hard toe to toe
Hughie Murdoch came out winning he laid Jimmy's colours low
But he failed to knockout Tiger the decision t.k.o.

Jimmy had a painful evening he was often on the floor
But he did not let his fans down he rose up and fought some more
He was cut his nose was bleeding 'next day he must have felt sore'
You can whip and cage a Tiger but you can't stop that tiger roar.

Jimmy took his beating sporting and that's not hard to understand
He's a man he doesn't hold grudges he shook Hughie Murdoch's hand
And that's why we like Jimmy Ellis we admire the man a lot
When he's finished with his fighting all forgiven and forgot.

Hughie is bigger than Jimmy and outweighed him pound for pound
But small Jimmy kept on battling did not yield an inch of ground
And though this time he lost the battle Jim did not let his fans down
Little Tiger Jimmy Ellis he has carved his own renown.

He's some character Jim Ellis he's been there and he's done that
And he is known throughout Australia from Queensland to Ballarat
When he's sober he's a top bloke good as one could wish to meet
But when he's drunk he turns to Tiger booze it changes him complete.

This one story from Bayswater from the Bayswater Hotel
And were I a bard or story writer I'd have many more to tell
But I am just a common drainer just an old fart my workmates say
And I push shovel for a living just to earn a living pay.

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