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I Am From The Flowers. - Poem by Emily Alice Madden

I am from the flowers,
From heart and care grown,
I am from the ideas scratched out and thrown away,
The ever-growing pile of unfinished art and music,
From the perfect trees for children climbing.

I am from worlds ancient, long forgotten,
From the extravagant Parthenon of Athens,
(Spartan warriors, soldiers of the past) ,
I am from adventures filled with war and magic
or evil and good,
From the emerald field lined with white tiger stripes,
And raging wars with 11 man armies covered
in blood, sweat, and dirt.

I am from an unbeatable cancer killing,
From the diseases that destroy all sentient life,
From the dark angels depicted by Caravaggio,
From the raging rafting rivers to the colossal ocean waves,
From the writings and ramblings of crazed intellectuals.

I am of these moments-
Through an endless eternity I have been,
I am a part of everything whole,
past and present.

I can smell the things around me, but the atmosphere is odorless,
Does the universe smell, is it filled with a tantalizing odor
that only those lost souls of heaven can smell,
And what of the other planets, are their atmospheres as
Bland as ours, someday I’ll find out,
Is there life out there in the endless void of galaxies and darkness,
And what of them and other extraterrestrials, do they have a faint odor.

I can dream for now, but soon I will know, and when I leave this home,
I will travel along the horizon of space,
I will go to these far off places and see and listen and touch
And talk with these people, these aliens and their worlds.

Let us narrow my speech back to my home, our home,
The earth is dying, if the earth could truly die,
For unless it is completely blown to pieces it is still there,
Even then those pieces are still there, and they shall exist for all eternity,
Let us say the creatures, plants, and bacteria are dying, humans as a race have brought
Upon them the ever growing threat of an imminent death, I can sense the end,
But can you.

Slowly we are destroying forests, and these forests are the
Homes of the animals that have been here before us,
And those plants before them, now let me state that I am
No tree-hugger, but are you, for those of our race to come,
They should be worried, for our planetary resources are diminishing,
And the home we are leaving behind when we go is littered and polluted.

How can we do this to the home we were given,
How can our minds be so shrouded by the fog that we can
Not see the consequences of our actions,
How can we pollute this world that we hold so dear,
How can the people be so misguided that they truly do not care about our earth.

I am apart of all this that we humans do, and I am apart of the world we are destroying,
I am apart of everything and everyone, and am one with the good and the bad.

I am of creature and earth, of the living as well as the non-living,
Regardless of earth, ever regardful of it,
Bone as well as rock, the children as well as the mother,
Stuffed with the stuff that is beating, stuffed with
the stuff that is still,
One with the earth, one with the earth’s children-
the earth the same and the children the same,
A hill as soon as a swallow, a tiger as well as a willow,
A river bound by gravity… ready for descent…
my water the freshest melted icecaps and the
most polluted waste sites,
A lion hunting the plains of Africa in search of
prancing gazelles,
A mountain jagged and rough and green and gray…
a rock, a stone, a pebble,
A man or beast, a wolf from the mountains and snow,
At one with the plains or up in the plateaus,
or the deepest darkest trenches of the ocean,
At one with a garden of red and white roses, swaying
in the springtime breeze,
At one with the purest of air or the stormiest of
monsoons or the wildest of hurricanes,
Comrade of beast… comrade of monstrous waves,
loving their aw inspiring beauty,
Comrade of sand and soil- comrade of all that
breath in the cleanest of air,
A cub with its mother, the clouds and the rain,
A newborn pup experiencing the change of seasons,
Of every shore and bank and tide, of every kingdom
and phylum,
Not merely of the planet, but of bacteria, plant or beast…
a traveling preacher,
A rock, human, or river… a bass, iron, coyote, or ore,
A tiger, pebble, giraffe, sea, ant, or canyon.

I am of everything, full of diversity,
And use the earth and am the earth,
And breathe the air and am in airs place.

The same as the whales and trenches are in their place,
The beasts I see and the earth I see are in their place.
The objects I touch and the objects I can’t touch are in their place.

Can you see yourself in their place, in their shoes,
Well Whitman and I can, me and him, him and me,
I feel as if he, even though he was before my time, had raised me,
For our thoughts run along the same line, I see as he saw,
he saw as I see,
This ability to see as others whether animate or inanimate does
not come naturally to many,
That is my purpose for writing my thoughts on the consequences
of our habit.

One thing first I am not perfect,
I have faltered on my path to enlightenment,
Yes I had once trashed the earth,
Even now I am still not perfect,
But for all those times I have made my wrongs many a right,
And then what is a wrong without a right or a right without a wrong,
Yin and Yang,
And who’s to say that a right isn’t a wrong and a wrong isn’t a right.

A person’s judgment is influenced by their teachings,
And then there are those who follow their own path,
I am one of those path-followers, a follower of my path,
A path that few have traveled and many have pondered
over it’s true destination,
People watch and laugh and gossip about those who
follow this path.

I have chosen my destiny, but have you decided yours,
Or are you to be swept away by the hurricane of the ordinary,
The all too ordinary hurricane that lies dormant until it is
Awakened, only to swallow the lives of God’s children,
To travel in shrouded darkness broken only by a flash of lightning,
This flash is a distressed soul crying out to The Almighty Father
In order to find an answer to why it is filled with a burning hatred and
Only the memory of the sins, the seven deadly sins,
What makes sins deadly and why only seven,
Aren’t there more, who can name those few, I can,
Gluttony, Sloth, Envy, Greed… Lust, Pride, and Wrath,
Those are the seven as stated by Dante Alighieri.

Every soul ever born has sinned at one point or another,
No matter how holy they were, saved for Christ,
For Christ had died for the forgiveness of our sins.

What is love but a curse,
A burden you alone are made to carry,
For eternity that feeling shall be yours,
How can a person so full of hate,
Love with a love that is pure.

What is love but affection for another, an emotion that means one thing but also everything,
A relationship can turn tails if that one single word was to be used poorly or falsely or both,
Same say love is like a rose, without care it will wilt and turn black,
But if tenderly kept it could blossom into something of pure beauty,
The rose I gave, my soul, was mistreated and tossed into a pile to rot,
At first the one thought to be responsible was not, from my mistake I was made to perish,
Barely surviving of a cherished memory of what we had,
For months now I’ve been surrounded by the overwhelming darkness of depression.

What truly is depression, but sadness, loneliness, darkness, emotion,
A feeling that is hard to shake loose from its cold grasp,
I feel alone because of it, I was hurt but in the process I too hurt
Someone I loved with all my heart, there’s that word again, love.
It can be so loosely used it’s hard to clarify its true meaning.
Eventually I fell from the height of my teenage life,
It seemed I had fallen into a bottomless trench until its floor came soaring into view,
My fall was nothing compared to the hardest landing of my life,
No longer at one with it but locked in a constant struggle,
There forever it seemed I would remain, strength slowly fading,
Constantly at war with the deformed darkness in my heart,
I will not lie but suicide seemed the only way to end the continuous turmoil.
A hand reached through the darkness illuminating the depths of my soul,
I was raised towards the surface to see many others were as I was, alone,
The saving hand belonged to one like me, hurt and alone, devoid of light, so full of darkness,
I thought I would make it to the surface, but I slipped through my saviors fingertips.
Luckily I re-established contact with the curing hand.

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