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Poems About: TIGER

In this page, poems on / about “tiger” are listed.

  • 97.
    Riverside Siesta!

    The tiger knew the sun was hot,
    So to the stream he went,
    Because he liked the stream a lot,
    Thought it was Heaven-sent... read more »

    Denis Martindale
  • 98.
    Special Pair

    With two white tigers on patrol,
    Their land was safe indeed
    And so today was like a stroll
    Where sunshine hours might lead... read more »

    Denis Martindale
  • 99.
    The Stare

    My camera aimed upon his face,
    To catch those tiger eyes,
    Such that a magic spell took place
    And caught me by surprise... read more »

    Denis Martindale
  • 100.
    I'm Tired...

    When tigers run and run and run
    Beneath that sun on high,
    They soon lose all their sense of fun
    And simply want to lie... read more »

    Denis Martindale
  • 101.
    Sleep Tight

    The two white tigers laid flat out,
    Fatigued yet still awake,
    Yet even tigers cannot flout
    The need to take a break... read more »

    Denis Martindale
  • 102.
    Wading Tiger

    The wading tiger slowly moved
    Within the silver stream,
    Observing just how much it soothed,
    A winsome mellow dream... read more »

    Denis Martindale
  • 103.
    One For The Road

    The tiger's throat was mighty dry
    As he walked to the stream,
    With water there in sweet supply,
    The answer to his dream... read more »

    Denis Martindale
  • 104.
    Silent Vigil

    White tigers are conspicuous,
    They stand out from the crowd!
    So not to be ridiculous,
    They're silent and not loud... read more »

    Denis Martindale
  • 105.
    Indian Sentinel

    The tiger stared as tigers do
    Across his own domain,
    A remnant of the chosen few
    On Earth who still remain... read more »

    Denis Martindale
  • 106.
    The Pope And Tiger Woods

    The Pope dies on the very day
    that Tiger Woods is whisked away,
    their souls rise to the distant skies
    where they soon meet with a surprise. read more »

    Herbert Nehrlich 2
  • 107.
    Serengeti Evening

    The tiger looks a noble sort,
    I think that you'd agree.
    It doesn't really take much thought,
    It's there for all to see. read more »

    Denis Martindale
  • 108.
    Tiger Stare

    Intimidation is the game, as any tiger knows.
    Infuriation is the aim, before it comes to blows.
    The tiger stare, with ears erect, the lowered jaw in tune,
    The teeth to bear, for bold effect! All say, 'I'll fight you soon! ' read more »

    Denis Martindale
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