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  • 97.

    "I was running very fast,
    Because I was the last, I was
    Afraid of the tiger's nails and teeth,
    Eyes of the tiger,

    Red and scary like those of a beast, making you
    To shrink and to become small like a snail, it fears
    Neither any human being nor either with a raffle, it pierces through
    Small bushes during the hunting duration, makes the fallow place
    When struggling to suffocate its victim to last, I fear the tiger,
    Eyes of the tiger,

    Its nostrils detect the victim as fast as thunder, the battle will be planned
    Quickly, the tiger, stays quite every time when starved, planning the meal
    For the day alone, the tiger, those sharp
    long, white as snow spears in his mouth ready to strike, he smiles during the impala's arrival, the tiger,
    Eyes of the tiger,

    I fear the tiger than my doctor's needle,
    I dare the tiger will crash you into pieces,
    It tears the victim apart and leaves them into ash, the tiger,
    I fear the tiger's sight
    Eyes of the tiger.'' read more »

  • 98.
    even tiger's cry

    tears of a tiger
    bleed threw his hollow heart
    he though of pain
    and his lies in this awful game read more »

  • 99.
    poem hunter

    If you are a poem hunter
    you need a butterfly net
    to catch the elusive hyperbole
    you need to be vigilant read more »

  • 100.
    My Turn Next!

    Two tiger cubs had ventured forth,
    Exploring just for fun,
    This time, went heading to the north,
    Beneath the mighty sun... read more »

  • 101.
    White Tiger Cub -new-

    White tiger cub, white tiger cub,
    I gaze at you with awe,
    Yet won't give you a belly rub
    Or calmly shake your paw... read more »

  • 102.

    The white tiger cub had blue eyes!
    He looked adorable!
    The sight of him was some surprise,
    The day he came to call... read more »

  • 103.
    Confucius (acrostic) II

    An MP who is he? …Eh! A bad doctor
    Oppressive father x-university proctor
    Government official doing his job,
    Is he like you or me, I guess not, all gob. read more »

  • 104.


    It is boring to see my feet in an ant-like walk toward the graveyard; read more »

  • 105.
    I Walked With A Tiger

    I walked with a tiger,
    In his own maimed pace
    And I found myself
    Spineless, read more »

  • 106.
    Close Encounter of the Tiger Kind

    You're at the circus - bathroom break.
    A tiger's taken a break too.
    This could be bad, for goodness sake.
    What's a puny human to do? read more »

  • 107.

    I have a tiger by the tail,
    His teeth sharp and dangerous,
    No one is safe from this tiger,
    His pride intact, read more »

  • 108.
    Brotherly Love

    Many tigers can get along,
    Yet brothers most of all,
    Beyond the bond that makes them strong,
    Regardless, great or small... read more »

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