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  • 325.
    Urban Time vs. Rural Time

    3 am:
    Urban time: Alarm clocks, hoots and toots
    Rural time: Cocks crow, cows moo and weavers beaker

    4 am:
    Urban time: Whoever snoozed the alarm? Dress up… very scarcely
    Rural time: Dust the mat; grab yesterday’s very hard ugali and into overall

    5 am:
    Urban time: Marikiti and Gikomba beat traffic – rush hour
    Rural time: Milking and feeding; early bird catches the worm

    6 am:
    Urban time: Office not open, tarts hover at Koinange zonked with sleep
    Rural time: Coffee farm supervisor calls out names – mine missing

    7 am:
    Urban time: Offspring sings national anthem in academy playfully
    Rural time: Sibling barefoot sings “Yesu anipenda” without blasphemy

    8 am:
    Urban time: Yaaaawn! Hate work before it even begins – so monotonous
    Rural time: Tea baskets at back, yard stick in hand, water jar on head

    9 am:
    Urban time: What took company tea so long? Was tea boy fired or what?
    Rural time: Sing Mary oh, sing Mary oh… Market women return with empty baskets

    10 am:
    Urban time: Finally the tea is here… (Chit chat) I love this job!
    Rural time: The sun’s scorching – take a breath beneath shade

    11 am:
    Urban time: Silence and whispered gossip, functional smiles and fake hugs
    Rural time: Shout greeting from ridge to ridge and insults from bush to bush

    12 pm:
    Urban time: Yaaaaaawn! Bad date - fear the approach of the next hour
    Rural time: Any one with a watch? The sun has hid beneath the cloud

    1 pm:
    Urban time: Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures – am dieting…
    Rural time: Carry produce to factory, take a nap in the wilderness, and water the livestock

    2 pm:
    Urban time: Oh how I hate this! Parliament session on, but ethics dictate TV without volume
    Rural time: Women plot today’s chama as men discuss the local barmaid’s “possessions”

    3 pm:
    Urban time: Who tampered with the office clock? I can see some hawkers outside…
    Rural time: Tamper with the scale to increase my produce’s sale

    4 pm:
    Urban time: Bus fare hikes and traffic builds up as conductors (mis) control the traffic
    Rural time: Women fetch firewood on their way home, men stop by the shops

    5 pm:
    Urban time: Happy to overlap, wishing those overlapping matatus meet Officer Kipng’etich
    Rural time: Feet and hooves erode dust like matching Zulu soldiers

    6 pm:
    Urban time: Men (if home) for remote, women for the house girl’s neck and children for homework
    Rural time: Put up fires to boil arrow roots and some bitter herbs or leaves before chama

    7 pm:
    Urban time: News, views and reviews on your channel your choice rated best by synnovate
    Rural time: Men around community radio discussing politics and new constitution

    8 pm:
    Urban time: Cuando seas mia as thugs from Huruma and Kayole crop into city centers
    Rural time: Men grasp illicit liquor around Papa Shirandula; women busy the hell out of the kitchen

    9 pm:
    Urban time: Yaaaaawn! Prime time news… the same ones at 7 pm, but sound different
    Rural time: School children are through with chores, homework starts with or without pencil

    10 pm:
    Urban time: Save for the clubs and pubs, clandestine, hypocritical sweeties and darlings, all is quiet
    Rural time: Dad is back; supper’s too sweet so he batters mum that children scream

    11 pm:
    Urban time: Some mild mugging, police harassment and handbag snatching
    Rural time: Mum, dad and all reconcile – family smiles again

    12 am:
    Urban time: Police cars patrol everywhere – at this hour, Pope on the road is any crook
    Rural time: Save for the sparrow, whose nest was destroyed by the boys, everything sleeps

    1 am:
    Urban time: Late night drunkards bang the flat’s gate recklessly
    Rural time: Sleep walkers, witches and watchmen watch over the village

    2 am:
    Urban time: One more fart in the blankets and you wake up the alarm - rerun
    Rural time: Beds creek as husbands force wives to go glory hallelujah - rerun read more »

  • 326.
    O My Time

    Time, time, o my time
    Ring you like a chime
    That always spreads a melodious tune
    And relaxes one's mind like a good fortune; read more »

  • 327.

    Time, Time, Time
    Time is here
    Time is there
    Time for everyone, everywhere read more »

  • 328.
    time for change...

    It is now time for change
    It is now time for love
    No time for broken hearts
    No time for broken promises read more »

  • 329.
    Infinity Hour

    In goes the knife
    Pull out his life
    Consider his life erased
    Running wild in the night read more »

  • 330.
    Time To Go

    It is time to go, I must wait
    My bags our packed, and it's time to go
    They checked my weight because, it's time to go
    I received my orders because, it's time to go read more »

  • 331.

    wake, stand up, clean yourself
    being on time
    The clock's hands show the time read more »

  • 332.
    The Next Time

    The next time, will be the best time, better than the last time, anticipating the next time

    The next touch, the best touch outlasting the last touch, setting the standard for the next touch read more »

  • 333.
    How Many Times

    How many times have I sat here alone
    how many times have I sat weary to the bone
    how many times have I searched for hope
    how many times have I tried to cope read more »

  • 334.
    Purpose In Life

    To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.

    A time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted. read more »

  • 335.

    read more »

  • 336.

    The times I laugh, the times I cry
    The time with you passes by
    The moments we share
    The times are new read more »

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