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Reminisce - Poem by Ely Concord III De Los Santos

Yesterday is beyond a million tomorrows and treasured greater than today. For time may be responsible to stop but nevertheless it makes simple things our greatest treasures. The joys of an unfading heart, the essence of an undying smile, the comfort of a loving soul, and the presence of an honest friend makes life the most wonderful thing on the planet… How sad it is to reminisce our yesterdays, our yonder years, the time when our first hello’s was made, when our first shed of tears fell from our eyes, where our smile captivated a heart… How sad it is to think back, look back, and remember the treasures of the past… Behold, here I am now, here I am yesterday, here I am tomorrow… here I am forever…

Our good old friends our good old self, the magic that binds us still together eventhough we’re distance apart. Eventhough our worlds has changed our paths separated, and our dreams fulfilled… This is still us, in flesh and blood, just like yesterday playing around, falling in love, falling apart… It never did really end, our friendship, but friends do fade away… “You look familiar, have we met before? ” Ouch! But it’s the fact of life, people do come and go… remember, and then later forgets… Time change, people do, the world do, and eve the names do change. Time may have healed our sorrows but it never did make us forget. Thou life and time has bestowed upon us a wonderful person, life and time would also take it back, it’s just our loving memories that is left, treasured, and sometimes forgotten. The world’s full of heartaches and problems, and if it isn’t, we will never have to treasure small things, and we will never know the true meaning of what it is to really live and have a friend…

We reminisce because we do want the same comfort again that we once had, we do want time to go back to correct the mistakes we’ve made from the past, but it’s just too impossible, we live straight on forwards, sometimes a little turn to the left and sometimes to the right… but never backwards… and that is the saddest part of life… Let’s face it! Today is here, tomorrow’s on its way and yesterday’s over… It’s time to move on, time to go on straight forward, and time to keep our simple treasures deep in our hearts but never to hold us back… It’s time, for the time has come and it goes…

It’s really sad to reminisce, those wonderful smiles that we’ve seen, that captivated our heart and soul, that touched and changed our lives… it’s really sad but it’s worth a lifetime… Let us learn to appreciate simple things, even by just someone’s hello and even by just someone’s point of saying goodbye… Let us go on with our lives eventhough we’re not together anymore, but sure do the magic’s still there that binds us, and until that time that our roads may meet again, we reminisce of the past, we’re who we used to be, friends, lovers, and merely players in the game of time… we reminisce and it’s the most wonderful thing to do… to bring back the old times…

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