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Poems About: TODAY

In this page, poems on / about “today” are listed.

  • 229.
    Dry Day

    Life as you know will end someday
    Since every single day is never the same
    Yesterday was a dark age following in today
    What a surprise because today was a dry day read more »

    Siddharth Shah
  • 230.

    Today is the day I put yesterday out of my mind
    Today is the day I take back my heart and soul
    Today is the day I put thoughts of you away
    Today is the day you’ll become a distant memory to me, I will no longer long to feel your touch or to be kissed by you read more »

    Kereema McDonald
  • 231.
    If I Told You Today [song ]

    [ in tune with the old song
    'Have I Told You Lately That I love You' ] read more »

    norman hale
  • 232.
    Empty Vein

    I found an empty vein today,
    And poured it down the sink.
    I found an empty vein today.
    They tell me what they think. read more »

  • 233.
    Everyone, and Myself

    today is a new day
    a new start
    clean and bright
    all shiny and new read more »

    Tony Hernandez
  • 234.
    Hell Froze Over Today

    You know the feeling
    When everything's going your way?
    I can describe that in just four words:
    Hell froze over today! read more »

    Andrew D Robertson
  • 235.
    The City is Short Today

    The city is short today
    and it can’t be anymore
    than just a few blocks wide today
    and the city is grey today, read more »

    Derek R. Audette
  • 236.
    I Must Confess

    Today I confess to you
    one of my biggest fears
    That you don’t feel the same as I do. read more »

    Maria Segura
  • 237.

    Pulling up a door
    Opening all four
    Under all the pressure
    Released your pressure read more »

    Pierre Rausch
  • 238.
    What Is Today?

    read more »

    Anthony Ruiz
  • 239.
    Morning Drizzle

    If you find out the rain is rattling outside
    Don't put your blanket on
    And sleeping again read more »

    maria sudibyo
  • 240.
    Painting In The Woods

    We can never have enough

    Tired of life getting me down read more »

    Melissa Cambronero
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