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Poems About: TODAY

In this page, poems on / about “today” are listed.

  • 241.
    Tribute to The Garcia Family

    Today your life begins all over again,
    Today you have the opportunity to be happy in it,
    Today you shall experience love, and feel the warmth read more »

    Charles Garcia
  • 242.
    The City is Short Today

    The city is short today
    and it can’t be anymore
    than just a few blocks wide today
    and the city is grey today, read more »

    Derek R. Audette
  • 243.
    Morning Drizzle

    If you find out the rain is rattling outside
    Don't put your blanket on
    And sleeping again read more »

    maria sudibyo
  • 244.
    Painting In The Woods

    We can never have enough

    Tired of life getting me down read more »

    Melissa Cambronero
  • 245.
    I see today

    Today is such a beautiful day
    Well actually it’s hot and humid
    But hey it here right now for me to enjoy or crib
    Don’t know what tomorrow will bring or will it be here or not read more »

    Soma Mukherjee
  • 246.
    To My Dad

    Four years ago today, was your last day on this Earth,
    four years ago today, was your last day in my life.
    Since that day I'm nobody's child anymore,
    and I experienced things my heart can't ignore.. read more »

    Bea Havinga
  • 247.
    Special Day

    Today is my day,
    and no one elses around.
    Today is my day and celebrated all around.
    Today my grandparents come and the birds cherp. read more »

    Monkey 7073
  • 248.
    I saw my love

    Today, I saw my love, love of my eternity, one I need to hold.
    Today, I saw my love, love of my being, one I need to embrace.
    Today, I saw my love, love of my soul, one I need to bind.
    Today, I saw my love, love of my love, one I need to build. read more »

    Mike Choe
  • 249.

    Too long have I been afraid;
    Too long have I lived in the darkness!
    Too long have I followed what others say because my words don't matter to them!
    But NOT anymore; read more »

    Omer Shahid
  • 250.
    Today; Tomorrow

    It’s been five years since I have heard your voice.

    Today read more »

    Kimberly Santistevan
  • 251.
    Touched You Today

    I reached out and touched you today
    Could've been led astray
    With all the troubles on my brain read more »

    Atty Davis
  • 252.
    Poem Of Poems

    Three days have already passed
    and no new poem.

    Small and big fishes are all around read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
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