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Poems About: TODAY

In this page, poems on / about “today” are listed.

  • 61.
    Plan Your Tomorrow Today

    Today is the only time
    to plan your tomorrow
    for when the sun has set
    and the moon has come read more »

  • 62.

    Today was born from Yesterday
    tomorrow will be born from today
    this is lives circle.
    Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow read more »

  • 63.
    Stand Up

    Today I won't cry
    Today I might Die
    Today I'll stand up and
    I'll Fight for my right read more »

    Inam Gulzar
  • 64.

    Yesterday was a good day nothing bad really happened.
    Today is a different story.
    Today I get introuble for ridiculous reasons.
    Today I am grounded. read more »

    James Myers
  • 65.

    Today is
    Today is a
    Today is a good read more »

    Tina Mack
  • 66.
    Not The Same

    I was thinking
    I was hoping
    that today would be the same
    Pulling me close in love and affection read more »

    Liliana EL.
  • 67.

    I lost someone
    Strange people spoke to me read more »

    Angel Croshier
  • 68.

    Today I rule the world,
    but no one knows it yet,
    no one knows but I do,
    becouse today I rule this world of ours, read more »

    annabell callest
  • 69.

    looking out my window all i see is the dark and gray durning midday
    i see the same houses, streets and face as i did back in my younger days read more »

    terry bonam
  • 70.
    Semi happy

    today was the day
    today was the time that i felt semi happy
    today i feel like dying
    today i feel like smiling read more »

    Kendra Sullivan
  • 71.
    Significance of Birthday

    Today is your day! Enjoy it's your day!
    Today is the day, you opened your eyes to see this wonderful world and experience the beautiful creation of the god.
    Today is the day, you made your family happy and proud by adding the hopes and new sunrise to there life.
    Today is the day, you should thank god for gifting you with the precious “human life'. read more »

    pinky porwal
  • 72.
    Today's Gone...

    Today's Gone
    Today's gone, read more »

    Sam Kanabar
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