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  • 73.
    Together..... My Love And I

    When tempests rage and sunbeams flee,
    And the deluge pours from the sky,
    All fury unfurled cannot quake my world
    When we're together, my love and I

    Depose the moon, let darkness fall,
    Remove all the stars from on high,
    In the still of night, I will find my light
    When we're together, my love and I

    Let the wind blow its icy chill,
    Let it taunt me..... just let it try!
    Icy wind, depart! There's fire in my heart
    When we're together, my love and I

    Crush the roses, leaving but thorns,
    There'll be no tears, my eyes are dry,
    His love's bouquet is refreshed everyday,
    When we're together, my love and I

    Should birdsong cease - my sweet delight,
    My response will be just a sigh,
    His kisses are songs for which my heart longs
    When we're together, my love and I

    When anguish overtakes my heart,
    Then straight to his arms I must fly,
    Your pity's in vain, for I feel no pain
    When we're together, my love and I

    When the sea swallows our last sun,
    Our spirits will be soaring high,
    We'll climb to the stars, shrugging off life's scars,
    Always together..... my love and I read more »

  • 74.

    They formed a circle
    Around this big room
    And now they are
    Holding hands together read more »

  • 75.
    We Will Leave As We Came

    Though we came here together
    and if the cards fall right
    we will not go our separate ways,
    we will leave as we came, read more »

  • 76.
    The MoonWalker

    Here lies The Moonwalker
    The greatest of all performers
    The one who inspired the whole world
    And brought us closer together read more »

  • 77.
    You passed the time

    We talked together for hours and hours
    And put the world to rights
    We walked along to my home together
    And together, spent the night read more »

  • 78.
    Cosmic Balance Dance

    A little ray of hope across a midnight sky
    A time for all time, a light to shine
    Sunrise and sunset caught in one net
    For ever fighting to stay one. read more »

  • 79.
    Rain of Love

    My tender kisses caress your skin
    Lips twist to ice cold touches read more »

  • 80.

    They live together,
    Eat from the similar plate together,
    Sleep on the foam bed together
    And they bark at the neighbor together. read more »

  • 81.
    Perfect Match

    We’re a funny breed, you and I
    You’re happy to walk, and I like to fly
    A funny breed you and I
    When we’re not smiling, we cry read more »

  • 82.
    Together We Will...

    Together we can weed out corruption,
    Together we can put an end to racial discrimination.
    Together we can fight against terrorism.
    Together we can wage a war against child labour. read more »

  • 83.
    Once We Were Together...

    When I had walked by you,
    I saw you as the pretty buds,
    I had no time to touch,
    When I had passed by you, read more »

  • 84.

    All life through
    Just the two -
    Two birds freely flying
    Two birds tacitly trying - read more »

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