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Poems About: TOGETHER

In this page, poems on / about “together” are listed.

  • 97.
    Death Partnership

    Together dead they lie,
    As therefore as together they die.
    Together a bullet to the head,
    Together at last their dead.. read more »

    Blanche Hardin
  • 98.
    Your Week End Letter

    Lets re-read your week end letter.
    Lets spend the afternoon together.
    I know that you and I will feel much better
    When we can write and talk together. read more »

    Darlene Joy Hilliard
  • 99.
    we go together

    we go together like,
    pieces of a puzzle.

    we go together like, read more »

    carrie nnn
  • 100.
    Always and forever

    Together you and I
    Can touch rainbows if we try
    Come together and be free
    Love is being together read more »

    Maria Luisa Taylor
  • 101.

    Comrades, pour the wine to-night
    For the parting is with dawn!
    Oh, the clink of cups together,
    With the daylight coming on! read more »

    Richard Hovey
  • 102.
    A few moments together

    Let us spend a few moments together,
    the holidays won’t last for ever,
    the promises we made to finish up the house chores,
    will be our New Year's resolution for the next year. read more »

    Jay P Narain
  • 103.
    The Sex Confessions

    The Bed
    Your Mouth
    My Touch
    Our Lips read more »

    Catman Cohen
  • 104.
    Together, For All That Love

    The Light of our Star,
    Is never too far,
    When we're together.

    And all of our dreams, read more »

    Sandra Feldman
  • 105.
    The MoonWalker

    Here lies The Moonwalker
    The greatest of all performers
    The one who inspired the whole world
    And brought us closer together read more »

    Jennifer Maliya
  • 106.
    I love you, you love him

    You kiss me
    I hold you
    We lay together
    You leave me read more »

    Elias Barcelona
  • 107.
    How Should Men Live

    I asked the land ' how to live together? '
    Land replied: ' we live as a foundation for each other '

    I asked the water: ' how to live together? ' read more »

    Hanh Nguyen
  • 108.

    Now two hearts is going to beat together...
    Now two breaths going to take together...
    Now two ways going to one way together...
    Now two dreams going to seen together... read more »

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