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Poems About: TRAVEL

In this page, poems on / about “travel” are listed.

  • 289.
    Story of the Traveling Man

    The man travels coast to coast
    He lives in motel rooms
    Then he complains the spouse
    Not able to do what he wants read more »

    Kay Barcelon
  • 290.
    From Shadows to Light

    From no where to somewhere
    Without guidance and care
    With some hope and despair
    With some willpower and dare read more »

    M. Ashaq Raza
  • 291.

    FLYING flocks travel in flight,
    another faulkner puts down his
    shovel, and writes, writes, and
    writes, read more »

  • 292.
    23 - The Road

    I’ve been traveling down this road for years
    Along the way so many smiles so many tears
    Don’t know where it goes or where it ends
    Along the way I’ve left behind family and friends read more »

    nicola burkett
  • 293.
    AE01 happy holiday

    travel day, rushing scene
    to go escape long weekend
    i'm not leaving town, i will
    but not on holiday so i won't read more »

    Manonton Dalan
  • 294.
    Freedom Is Not Far

    Traveling to a strange star
    Is in our hope and dream
    Its freedom is not too far
    In the space river stream read more »

    Peter S. Quinn
  • 295.
    The Road

    This is the road I travel,
    It winds away,
    In the distance,
    In front of me. read more »

    Juan Olivarez
  • 296.
    Midnight Traveler

    Dark hair
    Blue eyes
    A heart so full of lies
    You travel around at night read more »

    Kelli D. Williams
  • 297.
    Webs around Ceiling Fans Sonnet #49

    I almost stayed in bed today dreaming
    Of times past, present day and future plans
    Random thoughts floated, turned into scheming
    Like spiders who spin webs ‘round ceiling fans read more »

    Stephanie Eve Kane Arado
  • 298.

    Often does it seem to be so calm,
    a travel to the depth of your mind,
    a state of mind do not become alarmed,
    for it gives peace, tranqulity and you become kind. read more »

    Deepak Calyampoondi
  • 299.
    The Sea & The Anonymous Traveler

    for every step
    that i travel
    your liquid tongue
    erases it, read more »

  • 300.

    I travel to unknown places
    where the day never ends
    the sun always shine
    a dreamrider i am read more »

    Savvas Dimitsakis
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