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  • 217.
    Algorithm of a Tree (Sextuple Crystalline Poetry)

    (A two line image poem, often with a title, in which euphony is the key factor.
    Each line may have 8 or 9 syllables to make a total of seventeen)

    A free tree is never rooted,
    Infinite complete binary tree.

    A finger tree has internal nodes and
    Each one in this tree has child nodes.

    And their connection is a walk,
    Parents and children walking the tree.

    Nodes without children are called leaves,
    While roots are leaves for the finger trees.

    Very intelligent are the words tree,
    Trees-no one-to-one correspondence,

    Adaptive merging operation,
    Implementing finger search trees.

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  • 218.
    The Countryside Around Leongatha

    The Countryside around Leongatha may look green
    But sad to say so few trees to be seen
    The pioneering farmers cut the old trees away
    And for so called progress there's some price to pay. read more »

  • 219.
    On Seeing Tawny Frogmouths

    At nightfall the birds known as tawny frogmouth come out in family groups of three or four
    They do not have a song the only sounds they do make is a sort of a low pitched nasal snore
    In the wooded parkland they fly from tree to tree in their search for tree insects and flies
    And they return to roost on their roosting trees at the dawning just before sunrise, read more »

  • 220.
    The Rose Tree Of Winter

    In the cold winds of Winter she stands thorny and bare
    In Summer large beautiful red flowers she did wear
    The Rose tree of Winter not a pretty sight
    At a time of year with litle warmth in the sunlight, read more »

  • 221.
    The saplings of trees.

    Saplings, saplings, the tree saplings
    Tiny saplings becomes well grown trees
    Trees, they enjoys the human support
    Gives back the life elixir through oxygen read more »

  • 222.
    Most excellent life

    The most excellent life
    The tree bears
    Protection from rain heat
    Snow and so on the tree gives read more »

  • 223.
    foreign roots in desert fall

    Foreign Roots in Desert Fall.

    It is sad to watch the big tree wearing a vast crown of hubris,
    casting demonic shadows it allows nothing else to elevate. read more »

  • 224.
    Better future of children in schools.

    Every child planted tree saplings
    There they made a little forest
    The good neem tree, and Banian tree
    The fruit bearing jackwood tree read more »

  • 225.

    whenever the lustre of my amber glistens,
    i could feel the price it had exacted on the trees,
    blood red tears meandering rough and uneven tracks
    to land where they were kept like a child for a million years read more »

  • 226.
    Unpruned Plum Tree

    read more »

  • 227.
    To A Silvereye

    I see you almost every day you fly from tree to tree
    And I envy you your happiness for you are wholly free
    You tiny insect eating bird in olive fawn and gray
    And I feel glad so very glad to see you every day. read more »

  • 228.
    They Stand On Nature's Side

    Some influentials seem to think trees should not grow in town
    And to build motor race track in the park they cut the tall trees down
    The minority who care come to protest angered at what they see
    But their protests won't be in vain if they can save one tree. read more »

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