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Poems About: TREE

In this page, poems on / about “tree” are listed.

  • 85.

    trees flow
    trees glow
    leaves green
    everywhere seen read more »

    Rosie Arwood
  • 86.
    Whistling Trees

    whistling trees
    clouds buffing their cheeks,
    making the trees whistle
    as long as the clouds buff their cheeks read more »

    sapaya hernandez
  • 87.
    The Tree

    Under the kadamba
    I stand

    Under the tree read more »

    indira babbellapati
  • 88.

    Is a baby chimp
    That swings from tree to tree
    In the jungle canopy
    For spotting a banana tree. read more »

    Rishi Kaashyap
  • 89.
    The Tree

    The Tree

    once just an acorn on the ground many years ago
    the smallest of acorns had a dream of a life not yet fulfilled read more »

    Half Past
  • 90.
    The Loving Tree

    Three women walked upon a road,
    And the first said airily,
    “Of all the trees in all the world
    Which is the loving tree?” read more »

    John Shaw Neilson
  • 91.
    My Oak Tree

    My taste for love is what I long,
    The secret so full and free
    My heart of love beats every day
    Because of this Oak Tree read more »

    Troy Brown
  • 92.
    The Poem Tree

    The poem tree is a very safe haven,
    for birds and fowl, a hawk, a raven, or
    a little barn owl.The tree could be a
    silhouette, or the finest place to raise read more »

    Kim Robin Edwards
  • 93.
    The Tree

    Have you ever seen a big guy with a green hair
    who hide a story for all of you to share
    it is a tree who discover a love
    that will cover our hearts like a glove read more »

    RieKairu Calo
  • 94.
    A New leaf

    There’s a new leaf upon the Tree
    A thousand, thousand have been before
    In the life of this great tree
    Yet, the Tree rejoices, and is glad read more »

    Adrian Wait
  • 95.
    I Say There's A Tree, A Horizon

    Big tree
    right outside my room
    tell me when your flowers will bloom read more »

    Chris Osterbrock
  • 96.
    We Are Koala's With Babies On Our Backs

    We live in the eucalyptus trees,
    With babies on our backs,
    High up in the branches
    With babies on our backs, read more »

    Batibchar Mocculta
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