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Essay 1 - Poem by gordon nosworthy

let's see what's of interest. too much, actually. but that's the way it seems to be, probably always has been. too much of interest and not enough brain cells to process it all. i've said that too much lately. wonder what that means about the state of my brain cells? problem is when i stop to remember what all that interesting stuff is, nothing comes to mind. probably the brain cell thing again.


i began by wanting to write about something that's interesting and i find that nothing interesting comes to mind except perhaps writing about what's interesting. the cherry tree out back is being raided by marauding hoards of birds who somehow detect that it's cherry picking time and find their way from probably miles around to my backyard to maraud. they make the same trip over and over until the tree is denuded. and it just stands to reason they have to jettison poop while they fly in or while they cherry pick which helps to explain why the cherry tree is so big and strong and bushy. cherry pits packaged in bird poop nutrient.

that brings me to survival and evolution and a lot of stuff i know almost nothing about but have formed opinions about anyway. sounds like a creationist.

which came first the cherry tree or the birds eating the cherries? if it wasn't for those maurauding birds and their poops there probably wouldn't be a cherry tree. that's debateable. but if not for the cherry tree, there probably wouldn't be birds. okay, that's also debateable. the cherry tree doesn't depend solely on only those birds and those birds don't only depend solely on that cherry tree. i got that. but they are definitely inter-dependent. you know, that whole web of life thing. birds eat insects that would otherwise eat the cherry tree. ripe cherries fall from the tree and insects and rodents feed from the flesh and survive. one can't really survive long without the other.

that's one of those secrets which isn't so secret even though it's ignored an awful lot. think of those lush fields of corn and wheat and rutabaga and the lack of birds and the abundance of pesticides and the lack of insects and the impending deaths of the bees and the necessity of the rain forests and city trees and gardens begins to make sense.

so, how does that relate to us?

because everything relates to us. at least we think it does. we continue to see ourselves as the center of the universe. individually and collectively. that's how the old church first got the idea of the sun revolving around the earth. to be honest, it still looks that way when you don't think about it a lot. anyway, the old church got that idea from the people who thought up the religion that built up the church. and of course needing leaders we decided that one of us had more of the universe revolving around him (not usually a she) because that made us feel easier when following the commands set down by the leader.

meanwhile, back at how the cherry tree being marauded by birds relates to us. we as in us as in the great big ball of humanity grow those big fat cherries. and there are those amongst us who lay in wait to maraud us when the time is ripe. sounds almost paranoid. at least there's fertile grounds. there's big telecom companies. there's banks. there's countries. there's religions. there's stock brokers. there's any number of organizations set up to mauraud us legally as well as illegally. when it's legal we call it profit. when it's illegal we call it too bad.

i'm slowly watching the limbs of the cherry tree stand straight up as the mauraders come in empty and fly out laden with their plunder almost as if the branches raised their hands in surrender and said they give up. then the sun does its revolving around us thing and the bird poop makes its way to the roots and makes them forget and they drop their leaves and go to sleep for a while and then they come awake and forget what was interesting to them only a few short months ago and sprout new leaves and grow more fat cherries which attracts the attention of the maurauders.

okay, so back to brain cells and the lack thereof. sometimes i see the universe revolving around me so fast that i get dizzy and want to fall down. i think it's genetic. the first little creatures back in the aeons of time who became an ‘i' still resides in me. that's probably what lifted them out the puddle and into the trees.
so that's how essay 1 ends, not with a bang but without a closing. somehow i kinda like that.

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