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  • 133.
    You Can!

    You can trust me with your love
    you can trust me with your heart
    you can trust me with your life
    but can you really trust me anyhow?

    You can love me
    as much as you can give yourself
    i will allow you to love me with your body
    and your soul
    but how much of that can you
    keep on giving me

    you can feel me all you want
    you can feel my vibes
    you can feel me with your eyes closed
    touch my lips and you can feel them
    whispering your name,
    you must take your time
    take this slowly
    we have time

    you can worship me
    you can adore me
    you can absorb me
    you can sing praises with me
    but you can't control me with the words
    you speak, if they aren't loving words

    you just have to freely love me
    you just have to be patient with me
    let me love you,
    be free to come and go as i please
    don't stop this love relationship
    it will grow stronger day by day
    don't put demands on it
    let me love you freely and spiritually
    if you do that
    i will give you all of me
    that special part
    then you will see
    you can love me anyway, anyhow! read more »

  • 134.
    Don't Give Me Trust

    Don't you trust me,
    Don't you dare.
    You'll soon see,
    That you shouldn't have cared. read more »

  • 135.
    A Home

    A home is a house of faith
    lifted by the hands of trust
    packaged with the work of love
    living by the trust of the future read more »

  • 136.

    I feel lonely
    holding it all within
    I can't trust the ones
    who won''t trust me first read more »

  • 137.
    I Will Trust, Again

    Pay me to trust, really, pay me with a blank check
    on a platter, make it a sweet story just to trust
    fix my history, mould my present
    hold my future, meet my prequisite just to trust read more »

  • 138.
    Never really knowing

    Takes a life time
    Of knowing someone
    Yet again you never will
    Trusted kins read more »

  • 139.
    In GOD I Trust

    In God I trust
    That everything is gonna be o.k.
    In God I trust
    & all my worries go away read more »

  • 140.

    Trust is how I feel for you
    Trust is how I hold you
    Trust is how I care for you read more »

  • 141.

    Trust me people
    Because I will never lie to you
    Trust me people
    Because I will be loyal to you read more »

  • 142.
    And trust me

    And trust me
    On this way.

    Trust me read more »

  • 143.

    You can’t
    Trust -
    Anybody. read more »

  • 144.

    read more »

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