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Poems About: TRUST

In this page, poems on / about “trust” are listed.

  • 73.

    trust is like pregnancy
    either u trust someone
    or u dont
    thts it read more »

    vamsi krishna
  • 74.
    Picture To Burn

    I kept your picture
    To remind me not to trust
    But I trust again read more »

    Winter Coulter
  • 75.
    Love ever

    Love is sacrifices
    Trust your lover
    You can love when
    You both are clever read more »

    Raj Shende
  • 76.

    How can I learn to trust someone?
    How can I trust someone who lied to me so many times?
    How can I trust someone who already despised me?
    How can I trust someone who has taken me for granted? read more »

    Cm' Montepio
  • 77.
    Wanted, Trusted And Loved

    I sleep well.
    When under your spell.
    And feeling peaceful. read more »

    Lawrence S. Pertillar
  • 78.

    Trust not the mirror
    If it’s a picture of horror
    And trust not the figures that smile at you. read more »

    sriram parakkat
  • 79.
    I've been betrayed

    Trust is very big word
    A light that shines in your eyes
    Trust is faith
    Trust is something you believe in read more »

    Maria Luisa Taylor
  • 80.

    This poem is dedication to Mr. Michael Woods A.K.A Big Mike

    I trust you with my mind, so teach it. read more »

    Kandice Patterson
  • 81.

    trust me this moment and not the last moment,
    for the moment of trust is now and not tomorrow,
    how come i never realised the time i wasted in trusting you, read more »

    Maxim Muyu
  • 82.

    my cousin my friend
    a beief a neverend
    a type of hope a love
    a hate a life a death read more »

    Anastasia Roze
  • 83.

    January 8th,2008 TIME?
    By: Mickey Peck

    Do you know who you can trust? read more »

    Michelle Peck
  • 84.

    Trusting in YESHUA day by day
    Trusting in God, the only way;
    Trusting the Saviour every hour
    Trusting in the Spirit's power. read more »

    Richard Merrell
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