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Poems About: TRUTH

In this page, poems on / about “truth” are listed.

  • 337.

    I am the shadow of truth inside
    Pure of intention
    Nothing to hide
    Always available read more »

    christopher flynn
  • 338.

    the truth is out there
    no one knows where
    the truth is a goal
    that we all need to achieve read more »

    Meghan Andrews
  • 339.

    Everyday fear the dawn,
    There is fear in my veins,
    The fear of facing the truth, read more »

    Salmaan Sheriff
  • 340.
    the truth that kills

    the truth that kills
    that which Oedipus brings me
    i am the Sphinx
    and i made the promise read more »

  • 341.
    Deadly Truth

    The devil, he speaks
    His piercing blue eyes
    Forever he seeks
    For truth bearing lies read more »

    Zoe Elsworth
  • 342.

    The sky is purple through my eyes,
    A bright collage of everythingness.
    I see that you're staring at me,
    But I don't believe that anything is wrong. read more »

    Airohng Liebe
  • 343.

    Truth is unkind ugly and bitter
    Do not handle it
    Like a luggage.
    Truth will make you undressed. read more »

    Ershad Mazumder
  • 344.

    The truth will always be there
    even when we will it not
    though, throughout our livespan
    it will punish us a lot read more »

    Emma Conlan
  • 345.
    What is truth?

    To tell the truth
    To lie
    For one condemned
    For the other survive read more »

    Vicki Benson
  • 346.

    What is truth?
    the question of the ages
    Is still being probed
    Amongst the world's sages. read more »

    Rosalie Kollett
  • 347.

    If that be the case
    then let me die, but if it
    ever shall change, call
    me up from my sweet death read more »

    Krystle Newberry
  • 348.
    Don't deny

    don't deny
    that your gonna hurt me
    tired of the lies
    tired of the world read more »

    kayla fountain
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