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  • 85.
    The Love of the Truth

    'They perish because they did not receive the love of
    the truth, that they might be saved.' 2 Thess.2: 10

    There is a receiving of 'the truth', and a receiving of
    'the love of the truth'. These two things widely differ.

    To receive the truth will not necessarily save; for many
    who receive the truth, never receive 'the love of the truth'.

    Professors by thousands receive the truth into their
    judgment, and adopt the plan of salvation as their creed;
    but are neither saved nor sanctified thereby. But to receive
    'the love of the truth' by Jesus being made sweet and
    precious to the soul, is to receive salvation itself.

    'Yes, He is very precious to you who believe.' 1 Peter 2: 7

    (J. C. Philpot, 'The Valley of Achor' 1861) read more »

  • 86.
    Gods on earth

    Gods on earth are the learned
    And the men in knowledge
    Knowledge of Absolute Truth. read more »

  • 87.
    Natural union

    Yes, I have a
    Natural union
    With the truth,
    And I never read more »

  • 88.
    Let me say, my dear

    Let me say, my dear, you are the truth,
    And truth cannot be false, that I know,
    What I know, that is truth, always the truth.
    Being truth, you are living a truthful life always, read more »

  • 89.
    Do You Know The Truth?

    Know the Truth, it will set you free, Christ is that Truth, and It is He.
    To know the Truth is personally, do you know The God of Eternity?
    The real truth is more than fact; it is Our Lord, who is coming back.
    Today are you free in The Truth, or will you see His strong reproof? read more »

  • 90.
    Game of Life

    This unpredictable game is Yours
    Your omnipotent name is imprinted
    on all sides of the dice
    whichever way it turns or glides read more »

  • 91.
    Truth or Dare

    The truth is I loved you, I dare you to remember
    The truth is you hurt me, I dare you to share my pain
    The truth is I wanted you back, I dare you to say the same
    The truth is you never said sorry, l dare you to try read more »

  • 92.
    Truth Is.....

    Truth is.....Hard.
    Truth is rewarding.
    Truth is cutting. read more »

  • 93.
    Searching For The Truth

    Searching for the truth could literally be like
    Trying to find that needle in a haystack
    The truth is the needle
    First, it starts with the blessing read more »

  • 94.
    Truth is what truth is

    Truth is what truth is
    Truth is feeling, truth is living
    Truth is the realization of life.
    Let us live in Truth read more »

  • 95.
    Aware and awake

    Aware and awake
    Here is the truth
    Within me within you. read more »

  • 96.
    Truth Creates Truth

    What is created is also truth
    There is nothing but truth
    Truth sustains truth
    What is sustained is also truth read more »

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