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.10 Darkness - Poem by Daniel Cobb

I sit and stare;
All I can see is emptiness.
There's no light anywhere;
Don't give in to the darkness.
I'm so blind - I can't see;
Life has no meaning to me.
The light has finally left me;
Darkness took over me.

I am not afraid to fall;
With one last step, I'll end it all.
Now I'm standing on the edge;
About to leap over this ledge.
Into the darkness I will fall;
Now I just want to end it all.
When death comes, I will hear its call;
It's easier to fall and forget it all.

I don't think I can fight this time;
I'll let death take me away this time.
Now here I am, so powerless and weak;
My life is over - I can't even speak.
Shadows seeking to swallow my soul,
The darkness reaches out to devour me whole.
The madness becomes me and I become it;
When the time comes, I will be ready for it.

I know the truth, but I hate it;
I see the light - I can't stand it.
Lies put me here and I thank them for it;
I've chosen the darkness. I'll never leave it.1
Life is supposed to be sunshine and light,
But lately I've been living in the night.
I don't want the darkness to go away;
The shadows in my soul can stay.

This is too much for me;
Please hide the truth from me.
Darkness is closing in on me;
I welcome it as it feeds on me.
No light - no truth - can set me free;
I'll let it have its way with me.
It fills the emptiness in me,
So no one can see the real me.

You tell me there's no truth,
There's no such thing as light.
I'm listening to you,
And I think that you're right.
Shield me from truth and light;
Wrap your cloak around me tonight.
My faith has failed - now I am done.
We are the same - now we are one.

You know I'd commit any sin
To be back in your arms again.
You are something I should fear,
And yet, I want you here.
Though you may say my soul is lost,
I don't care about the cost.
I won't turn the other way;
I'll embrace you anyway.

For when I awaken,
Finding my soul taken,
The truth is forsaken;
I must be mistaken.
Fill me with emptiness,
And hold me close to you.
I will let you take me;
I'll give it all to you.

Alone in the dark,
Living for a lie;
You can't fight it,
So why even try?
You can see salvation
Just beyond your reach.
Don't give into temptation
And all the lies they preach.

Darkness can cover up
The hard part of the past.
No one will discover;
You'll leave this life at last.
Descending into the darkness,
Emptiness everywhere;
And wherever you turn,
Truth is never there.

Once you open up your mind
To the darkness, you will find
It will force its way in,
Living deep down within.
You don't know where you're going;
You don't know who you are.
You will never find the truth;
You won't make it that far.

There is a world where no light shows,
Where truth is lost and no one knows.
A world where dreams become nightmares,
And screams are all that's left of prayers.

Truth is lost in a sea of lies,
Joy and peace have turned into hopeless cries.
The skies have been stained black with sin;
Terror rises deep within.

Somewhere in the shadows of the deepest darkness,
There's an endless sea of emptiness.
A star shines bright in the midst of the night;
It's giving away the last of its light.

There is one who won't let them see,
Who knows the truth can set them free.
They have no hope that death will come;
Torments it would take them from.

Now I'm drowning in the darkness;
All alone in this endless sea of emptiness.2
I'm struggling to stay above it;
I cry out for help, but no one's there to hear it.2

This lie lets me be whoever I want to be; 2
In it, I can just let go, open up, and be free.
If I could find one soul willing to love me for me,3
Maybe it would release its hold on me.

I don't even know what I'm running from,
Waiting for a tomorrow that may never come.
This nightmare that's haunting me won't let go;
I'm confused and afraid, but I can't let it show.

There's a world inside of me that you'll never find,2
In the halls of my heart - in the maze of my mind.
This courage and confidence is what you see;
If you look close, you'll find the fear in me.

I was lost in the darkness, looking for the light;
Hoping for a dawn to this never-ending night.
Then through the shadows, the sunlight shone through;
At first, it frightened me, but as it came closer, it grew.

I stopped, looking around like something was wrong,
Hearing the sweet melody to a haunting song.
I heard a voice call me back to the light;
And somewhere deep inside, I found the strength to fight.

I know the truth is there - it stares you in the face,2
But you won't look for fear of what you will see in its place.4
Now it seems somehow you’ve fallen from grace,
Beyond hope - like a star lost in space.

Darkness and light exist in every man,0
As it always has since life first began.0
We can fight the darkness within us all; 0
Will we win the war within or fall?

Part of my heart is like the light;
The other half is like night.
Part of my heart is dark and dead;
There's no love, just lust instead.

Part of my heart is pure and true
Shining steadily, just like I want it to.
Part of my heart never stays the same,
Constantly changing, like life's a game.

I've been places I didn't want to be;
I've seen things I didn't want to see.
I've done things I didn't want to do;
And I'm not alone, because you have too.

I'm trying to hide from myself;
To me, the truth is not worth knowing.
In the darkness I lose sight of myself;
I don't want to see where I'm going.

Shadows are my sanctuary;
That's where I run and hide;
That's the only place I can be safe
And feel at peace deep down inside.

Don't be afraid of the dark;
Fear what truth it may hide.
There are secrets in the shadows,
Kept safe from the world outside.

I'm so used to darkness, I don't know
Whether I should trust the light.
I'm not sure where my life will go;
I feel lost and alone tonight.

I'm afraid of the light, not the darkness; 0
I hide from the truth. I don't want to see.
The light shows me horrible things,
But the shadows are my sanctuary.

They scream and shout,
But they can't blow it out.
I'm all alone in this fight,
Like a candle in the night.

When I wake up every morning,
Or I fall asleep at night,
There are demons in the darkness
That I can't see or fight.

My life got too hot to handle;
Now I'm blowing out the candle.
The warm glow comes back to the wick;
It has to be some sort of trick.

As long as there's hope left in sight,
I will hold on to this little light.
I'll stand my ground with all my might;
I won't give up without a fight.

There's a dark dimension,
A world where all dreams meet their death;
Withering with a touch,
And life is lost with but a breath.

Beyond all of the love and light,
There is a dark world full of fright.
Beneath the radiant rainbows,
There's a realm of shifting shadows.

In this world of forgotten dreams,
Nothing is ever what it seems.
For soon, all of them will be dead;
Nightmares will rule the land instead.

Faith has fled - dreams are dead;
And hope remains unseen.
Confusion reigns as King;
Chaos is his Queen.

Here in the darkness,
You can hide from the light.
In the shadows of your soul,
Keep the truth out of sight.

Shadows are your shield
Against what you don't know.
You fear to look beyond it;
You're afraid to go.

You can't see into the darkness
Because you're blinded by the light.
And if you ever ventured in,
The sight would fill your heart with fright.

You're hiding from reality,
The truth that you don't want to see.
Deep down in your heart you know it;
You're just afraid to admit it.

Hiding in the darkness,
I hold back what I feel;
Maybe nobody will notice
If I don't make it a big deal.

I feel safer in the shadows;
No one can hurt me there.
In the darkness, I can be free;
There is no need to care.

My life is full of nothing,
So dark that I can't see.
This darkness is disturbing;
It's driving me crazy.

In darkness I remain,
Where there is no more pain.
In the shadows I will stay;
Just let the light go away.

I don't like light;
It hurts my eyes.
Dwelling in the darkness,
My life's a lie.

It calls for me;
I don't know why.
Darkness is all around;
It just wants me to die.

There's no light to lead me,
No easy way out.
I'm lost and I can't see,
Trapped in this doubt.

It's taking me away.
I have one thing to say;
Doing what it said
Ended my life instead.

I'll never lose sight
Of the truth I hold tight.
I'll stand and fight
Darkness with the light.

Chaos is coming now;
And to it, fools will bow.
Darkness covers the land;
I must be strong and stand.

This world will fall;
I could have caused it all.
I'm the only thing
Keeping it from happening.

If my castle collapses,
Many worlds will fall.
If that ever happens,
Heaven help us all.

Something's wrong
On this dark night;
The stars in heaven
Won't share their light.

If you're lost in the dark,
There is a light.
Don't close your eyes;
Keep it in sight.

Though things look dark
And life is hard,
There's a light ahead,
So stay on guard.

There will be an
End to this night.
Don't fear the darkness;
Look for the light.

I'm just so full
Of fear and doubt;
I don't even know
What I'm worried about.

Slowly losing my sight,
I can't even see the light.
I want to fight, but I can't see;
There's no light left in me.

I saw safety in the shadows,
And found freedom in my web of lies.
I lived life in the darkness;
It's no big surprise.

I'm lost in doubt,
Trapped in my fear;
There's no way out,
So leave me here.

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